The new ‘emPower Brain’ supplement for enhancing brain function, performance and more

Empower supplements has announced the launch of a new high potency nootropic brain formula called ‘emPower Brain’. Formulated and developed to enhance the brain’s ability and performance within the first 30 minutes of intake, the ingredients within emPower Brain have also been shown to improve the brain’s plasticity or neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to create new neuro pathways). Unlike most medications prescribed for attention, focus and similar brain function inefficiencies, the empower brain supplement is nonaddictive and safe to be consumed without a prescription. The product has recently been launched on the crowdfunding platform They have a goal to raise $15,000 for the production, packaging & distribution of the revolutionary product worldwide.

EmPower Brain is a high potency nootropic formula that can lead to cognitive enhancement and optimal brain functioning. Besides the effects being realized within the first 30 minutes of intake, the ingredients within emPower Brain have been shown to help the user in increasing their short-term memory and recall while enhancing mood and the overall sense of well-being. Regular intake of the supplement may also help in reducing mental fatigue and anxiety.

Robert Goldberg is the man behind emPower Brain who has created this product to be used on a daily basis for immediate and long-term benefits. He stepped into the nutritional & herbal supplement business more than 20 years ago with a successful sports nutrition line of products known as ‘Gold Power Supplements’. After pouring himself into extensive research & study of the vast nootropic components available, he has now come up with the ‘emPower Brain’ supplement which without a prescription is safer and may be more effective than the common medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse& Ritalin. It may very well be the most comprehensive and effective nootropic ever to become available.

The success of the campaign will ensure that the product gets into mass production and reaches thousands of people who can benefit from all it has to offer. The campaign offers the emPower Brain to backers at an early bird price. With the product set to retail for $39 per bottle, the perks include one bottle for $25 or $39 to buy one & get one free. In addition, there are also two options to obtain six or twelve bottles of the product for resale purposes at the wholesale price.

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