The New 6 Piece Silicone Baking Set by LUCENTEE Is Now Available for Purchase on Amazon

This super handy set consists of spatulas, spoons and turner. This silicon baking tools and utensils set by Lucentee makes cooking and baking a lot easier and fun.

Kaufmann & Harris Limited (UK) – You will find 3 high quality silicon spatulas available in 2 sizes, an amazing turner and 2 different spoons. This kit is ideal for decorating, flipping, mixing and handling of food. The large spatulas are called as JONAS, JULLIAN AND OLIVIA. They come with long and narrow handles which offer easy maneuverability, especially when you want to remove items from baking trays or frying pans. These spatulas are perfect for folding your batters and dough’s. They will even come in handy when scraping small jars and for decorating foods. They are heat resistant and used for nonstick pans, which helps out in increasing the life of the pans. No scratch will be left on the pans after using these spatulas for stirring stews and sautés. You will find two large spatulas and one small one.

SAMUEL & SCARLET (the large and small spoon); the large spoon is perfect for mixing and serving, while the small spoon helps out in getting sauces out of jars, allows you to sample your creations and for decorating cakes. The rubber of these spoons is made up of eco-friendly silicon which is tasteless and non-toxic. These spoons are highly durable, light in weight and easy to use.

TOMMY, the ultimate turner of this kit makes it super easy to remove, turn and flip fried food from oily pans. With the 6 piece silicon baking set, your life will become easy. This kit is ideal for all your baking and cooking needs such as stirring, folding, flipping, turning, mixing and scraping. The rubber used in this set is heat resistant and safe for all types of microwaves and ovens. With the spatulas, you can very easily scrape on all kinds of pans and leave no food residue behind.

About Baking Tools and Utensils at Amazon

The LUCENTEE Baking Tools and Utensils at Amazon are made from super soft and BPA free high quality silicone. The products are dishwasher safe and FDA approved. So, whether you want to spread mayonnaise or cheese, scramble some eggs or stir stews; this set will serve as an excellent multipurpose kitchen utensil. The small spatula can be used for scraping tight and small spaces, and even for applying icing on the cakes. Each item in this set is designed to fit the hand perfectly, and the handle is soft on the palm so that even the longest cooking hours can seem comfortable.

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