The most innovative project of 2018 Nousplatform will start Pre ICO on the 20th of May

Nousplatform has managed to attain critically acclaimed feedback and they are proud to state that they are accelerating at an impressive rate. Their research and development team is working hard and is ensuring that they will have a beta version up and running soon. This will assist in creating an effective platform that everyone can use and enjoy.

The Future for Nousplatform

This next step for Nousplatform will aim to improve the amount of partners, vendors and collaborators that are currently working on the project. They have stated that their executive team has been working night and day to ensure that this becomes a possibility soon.

In fact, over the last six months, their team was travelling across the world and attending blockchain forums, conferences and conventions, as well as holding private meetings.

The goal of this was to make sure that Nousplatform was introduced to the public, and that professionals as well as enthusiasts alike could get to see it and perhaps use it for their trading needs.

They have received positive feedback from these individuals and have done a lot of work in ensuring that they can solidify relationships and partnerships with the most advanced players in the field such as Nem, XTRD and other top organizations. With their effective work and tireless performance, they have managed to ensure that by the 20th of May, they will initiate their pre-ICO round.

In the near future, our followers will learn about bounty campaigns, an updated presentation, and information about the release of the beta version of Nousplatform.

Nousplatform took the time to thank everyone who played a part in assisting them throughout their journey thus far, and wish mutual success in making Nousplatform the best place for investors, investment funds and all other users.

To remain up to date with the latest news on the Nousplatform, one can check out their official website, other social media pages, as well as their group on Telegram.

About Us:

Nousplatform is a platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology. NOUSTOKEN serves as the main Utility Token for the transactions between investors and the investment funds. An algorithm for all the settlements is based on NOUSTOKEN.

A NOUSTOKEN is not just another digital currency; it is a utility for purchasing equity shares of every investment fund on Nousplatform. In other words, the more NOUSTOKEN you acquire now, the more equity shares or ETF you will have in your portfolio. It is the first precedent in history, when early investors get much more favorable terms for the acquisition of equity shares.

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