The Men Best Choice to Have a Cool, Light, and Fashionable Carbon Fiber Wallet

Through many series of technology developments making a new innovation to produce wallet, we proudly present to you our latest and special product, carbon fiber wallet and money clip wallet. As we all know, men nowadays need to look both professional and stylish. That’s why they want a very convincing and modern style, from head to toe. When the leather wallet was one of the choices to look classy, the carbon fiber wallet came with many advantages and uniqueness, including its thickness, specific patterns, color models, and built-in technology. 

Beside slim, the carbon fiber wallet has a minimalist look, in accordance with the men’s need to keep it all simple, your pocket won’t have bulged like a common wallet. Its thinnest is about 0.5 cm. It has a real carbon fiber outside and a leather inside. Since the carbon fiber is very durable, you don’t need to be worry that it will be stretched. It also has a cool pattern and well designed. This minimalist and durable design are suitable for a traveler to keep their journey simple, modest and efficient. Above all those advantages, the carbon fiber wallet is equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) features that prevents electronic pocketing and identity theft (RFID skimming). The RFID is function tested by the third party certified laboratory. That’s why we called this wallet is an anti-theft wallet. The carbon fiber wallet comes in many variants of models, including Bifold and ID Window. The Bifold one is more suitable for you who like to look cool and the ID Window is preferred for you who loves to look classy. 

We also offer a money clip wallet for you who loves to bring cards and a little money. With this money clip wallet, you can bring more than 12 pcs credit cards or 30 pcs business cards. We realize that bring too much money in one pocket just waste our time and it’s troublesome. A money clip wallet has an ultra-light design with a 3K twill pattern. With this money clip, it easier for you to access your most used card. The money clip wallet comes in many variants of color and models, including glossy red, glossy gold, glossy silver, matt black, matt 3K twill, glossy pattern, glossy black, and matt pattern. This money clip wallet also has an RFID theft prevention. This wallet can be used by both men and women as their style is clean and cool. 

These carbon fiber wallet and money clip wallet get on to present a simple but also luxurious style. They come in many models that you can choose based on your daily needs and your character. If you are a person that loves adventure and challenge, the glossy red money clip wallet is recommended. And for you who loves a cold and manly style, the matt black one is recommended for you. This lightweight money clip wallet also seems the best choices for a gift for your lover. As our life is more modern busy life, we need a style that supports our tight schedule and with all those advantages, without a doubt, the carbon fiber wallet will be our future. So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping. 

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