The main product categories of high quality Metallic Yarns from famous China manufacturer ZHEJIANG HOSIKA

April 01, 2014-China-The Metallic Yarns is the products which are twisted by gold and silver filigree, polyester or rayon filaments. These products are mainly used for embroidery and craft accessories. People could widely see this material at crafts, fashion clothing, embroidery, gift packaging, clothing accessories, upholstery, sofa and other products. This product could be regarded as the ideal decorative material. As the widely application of this material, there are also many manufactures in this industry such as ZHEJIANG HOSIKA REFLECTIVE MATERIAL CO., LTD. Today, the technician from this China Metallic and Embroidery Yarns manufacturer will introduce with people main categories of their products.

The first one is the M type Metallic Yarns which are made from polyester film by high precision slitting machine’s direct cutting. This product has gorgeous and dazzling colors. Colors of it could be generally divided into silver, light gold, deep gold, pearl Symphony, laser and various other colors. The main application areas of this product are lace, ribbon, hosiery, and knitting cloth, sofa, hair ornaments and others.

The second one is the MH type. This product is made by the twisting of single strand of filigree slices with polyester, nylon, rayon or other types of yarns. The feature of this product is soft and gorgeous colors. It could be widely used in weaving, knitting, sweaters, scarves, socks and Christmas supplies.

The third one is the L and J type which is also called the Gold Metallic Yarns. The L type of Metallic Yarns is narrowly twisted by the single strand of filigree slices with polyester, nylon, cotton yarn and other yarn with a very small space. The making method of J type is similar with the L type but the twisting space between the different yarns is larger than that of J type. It has been widely used in computer embroidery, handmade embroidery, fishing gear, sweaters, warp cloth and others.

The last product type which the editor from ZHEJIANG HOSIKA REFLECTIVE MATERIAL wants to tell people is the MX type Metallic Yarns which are made by the bi cohesion workmanship between the single strand of filigree slices with polyester, nylon, rayon, or other types of yarns ( ). This type of Metallic Yarns could be widely used in the making of trademarks, warp knitting, weaving, yarn-dyed, jacquard cloth and other products.

In addition to all product types describing before, ZHEJIANG HOSIKA also has other variously related products which could meet with each client’s need. If people want to get more information about their products, please do not hesitate to visit their website and get contact with them by the following information.


Zhejiang Hosika Reflective Material Co., Ltd ( ) is a Sino-foreign joint venture that possesses advanced vacuum aluminizing production line, advanced coating production line, and high and new technology of professional production of vacuum aluminizing film, metallic yarn, glitter powder, reflective fabric and so on.??

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