The main application and disadvantages of X-ray machine in medical areas

Nov 21, 2014 – China – Among today’s medical industry, the X-ray has been widely applied as its unique advantages. On the other hand, X-ray also has side effect to people health. As professional medical equipment supplier, today, the Guangzhou Yueshen Import & Export Co., Ltd will introduce with people main applying and disadvantage of X-ray equipments in medical industry.

X-ray diagnosis

The Med equipment X-rays machine could used in medical diagnosis which mainly base on the penetration ability, difference absorption, fluorescence effects and photographic effects of X-rays. Since the X-rays pass through the body, they will be absorbed by different degrees of absorption. The absorbing amount degree of skeletal is higher than muscle absorption. The difference of the absorbing will carry the body density distribution and then the photo information on the fluorescence screen or on a photographic film will show the different density shading.

According the contrasting for these shadow shades and combine with clinical manifestations, laboratory results and pathological diagnosis, the doctor can determine whether the certain part of the body is normal or not. Thus, X -ray diagnostic techniques has become the world’s first visceral examination techniques for non- trauma symptom.

X-ray treatment

As the introduction of medical equipment supply supplier, the X-rays equipments could also be used in the treatment. According to the biological effects, the application of different energy level of X-rays could help to irradiate related human tissue to destroy this tissue or inhibited them so as to achieve certain diseases particularly for tumor therapeutic purposes.


When it is in the using process for X-rays, the related operator had discovered that the irritating of the X-ray radiation will lead to the situation of hair loss, skin burns, vision disorders, leukemia and other radiation injury problems. Therefore, in order to prevent X-rays on the human body injury, people must take appropriate protective measures.

Above factors constitute three main factors that X-rays used in the medical aspects, which are diagnosis, treatment and protection. Clients who have interesting for x ray machine or other medical equipments could visit website

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