The Legendary ‘Jarvis’ To The Real World

Secretary Of AI Jarvis Will Be Brought To The Real World By The Tech-Giant

1 Sep, 2017 – FLiFLi has proudly announced that it will bring a Jarvis like AI based in reality. Super hit movie Iron Man came with an artificial intelligence (AI) voice secretary called Jarvis. Tony Stark, the main character in the movie, who orders to Jarvis if he needs anything, and Jarvis executes it properly. From lighting, television, phone, order, simple chores to even computer data analysis. Generally, people thought all of this was possible only in the movies, but it is not anymore.

Spokesperson of FLiFLi said “We are going to develop an AI Drone ‘ORCA’ just like Jarvis”. After exploring the existing technology, AI drone will recognize the voice of the users and control map, speed, and various information of internal sensor and weather condition via the internet. Subsequently, he said, “helping the AI ​​visualize the data through the 360-degree AR with HUD display while flying to the sky will give a feeling of real flight and also improving efficiency while in flying.”

This highly intelligent ORCA is successfully operated by an Auto-Pilot System that was designed to obey each one of your commands. It will recognize and understand user’s voice and execute the actions that you wish. All you have to do is command ORCA to fly to different destination, increase or decrease altitude or come back to your location and it will instantly obey.

Another amazing feature is, it is possible to adjust without distance limitation using LTE communication network. By utilizing this function, Video sharing technology will be incorporated. It is hoped that a new platform will be opened to allow many people to watch AR adjustment videos. 

FLiFLi will develop an AI drones with the help of many engineers and experts in accomplishing these challenging goals. AI drone ‘ORCA’ will be launched on September 7th on Indiegogo.

If you want to see more features about ORCA please Go to AI ORCA Indiegogo page

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