The Island Rescue Project is Raising Funds in an Effort to Save Lives on Kiribati

On the small Pacific island of Kiribati, one out of twenty newborns doesn’t reach their first birthday because of illnesses related to unclean drinking water. The Island Rescue Project is a non-profit organization devoted to rectifying this unacceptable situation by bringing water purification and desalinization equipment to the island of more than 50,000 residents. Through their heroic and humanitarian initiatives, the Island Rescue Project is saving the lives of these precious infants.

Although there is a sizable population on Kiribati, this nation still lacks the clean water infrastructure that is common throughout most of the developed world. The thousands who live there depend on rain water that is trapped in underground reservoirs. Unfortunately, this water contains the bacteria which are present in human and animal waste. Without proper treatment, this water produces diarrhea in young children and health compromised adults. This tainted water is often lethal to the most vulnerable newborn infants.

With your financial assistance, the Island Rescue Project can bring vital supplies and equipment to improve the heartbreaking conditions presently found on Kiribati. Island Rescue Project will devote all the funds to purchasing and shipping solar water de-salinization kits and water storage tanks to the island nation. With this equipment, Kiribati communities can draw clean, abundant water from the ocean around them. Additionally, the Island Rescue Project intends to bring soap, insect repellant and solar lamps to help raise their standard of living. Island Rescue Project would also like to establish a nurse-staffed, permanent medical facility on Kiribati that would treat waterborne illnesses.

The Island Rescue Project is offering financial supporters a variety of perks for their donations.  These include T-shirts, organic insect repellant, personal water filters, a video of the Project’s efforts, and memorialization of a community water tank with a donor’s name. You can join the many other supporters who are gratified knowing their contributions are saving the children of Kiribati. You may make a financial contribution to the Island Rescue Project at

About Us:

The Island Rescue Project was founded by Carol Armstrong and is currently staffed by a small group of passionate volunteers. Carol has drawn on her considerable experience in the professional world as well as her expertise in survival techniques to shape the Island Rescue Project into an efficient, highly successful non-profit organization.

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