15 August, 2017 – The founder and organizer of the Mediative art entity known as Budart is thrilled to announce that the Budart meditative festival comes up in no time which promises to be great.

The festival which will include an exhibition session has been slated to run from September 16-21st, 2017 at Ken Locke Hall & Auditorium. The International Meditative Art Exhibition at University of the West 1409 Walnut Grove Ave Rosemead, CA 91770 will be the hosting venue.

The exhibition will showcase a large collection of paintings from meditative artists around the world, including internationally renowned figures such as Nikolai Makarov, who created a unique Museum of Stillness in Berlin. The exhibition will also include sculptures, rock miniatures, and installations to showcase different concepts of meditative art.

Throughout all six days of the exhibition, the Budart Project will hold a series of meditation classes, art workshops/lectures, and other educational events. University of the West is excited to host such an educational and wonderful exhibit in their campus.

Budart is a community of professional artists who express the world of meditation in their works. Using a variety of artistic media (painting, sculpture, installation, music, etc.), they explore ways of capturing images, feelings, and insights born in meditation and conveying them to the audience – immediate and undiluted by thought, language or translation.

Among different strands of contemporary art, meditative art deserves its story to be told more emphatically and convincingly. That is why this project tends to search for talented meditating artists all over the world to promote and showcase their work at exhibitions and online platforms.

This exhibition will bring together diverse group of artiste who practice meditation and translate their personal and very exciting spiritual journeys into shapes and colors.

The minds behind this project believe that meditative art has a transformative power, because it transmits the message of kindness – the underlying philosophy of all classical systems of meditation. As such meditative art and artist become agents of change creating solutions to the many pressing problems of the modern world.

Do not Miss this festival program for anything in the world, come and take part in the wide range of art and meditation workshops, meditative music concept, one-off performance and talks from prominent speakers from around the globe. Don’t be Left Out!

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