The insulator into the terminal block should be kept into good insulation performance

March 13, 2014 – China – The insulator in the Terminal block could keep the correct arranged position of the contact members. Furthermore, it could also help to keep the insulator between contactor and the contactor and the contact member between the housing. The engineer from ULO Electronics (Cixi) Co., Ltd ( ) which is professional Terminal block manufacturer and supplier said that the insulation components into the block must have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and molding process performance. With the widely application of high-density and miniaturized terminal block, the wall thickness of the insulators becomes thinner and thinner. In this case, the requirement for insulating materials becomes more and more important.

Since the extra metal material into insulator, dust on the surface, ion conductive channels which formed by organic material precipitates, harmful gases adsorbed film and the water film, moisture absorbing, aging of insulation materials or others, the adversely phenomenon such as short circuit, current leakage, breakdown, poor insulation and low insulation resistance will easy occur.

If manufacturers want to achieve good performance of prevention of poor insulation, they should pay more attention to below points which provided by engineer from ULO Electronics (Cixi) Co., Ltd.

First, people should regularly check the situation of the insulation material. There will be great influence by the pros and cons of raw material for insulator into the terminal blocks manufacturers. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to particularly pay more attention to the selection of raw material for insulation. They should choose reputable manufacturers for these raw materials. For this point, the terminal blocks manufacturer ULO Electronics (Cixi) Co., Ltd should be the best example. This manufacturer is very carefully for this.

Furthermore, people should carefully check the resistance performance of the insulation components into Terminal blocks. During recent years, some of the provisions determine to inspect the electrical properties of the insulator into the terminal block after the production process of these products. Due to the bad insulation resistance of the insulator, most of their products have been scrapped. The engineer from ULO Electronics (Cixi) Co., Ltd has said that the reasonable process for this checking should be at the production process that the insulator needs to be in the situation of components. In this case, the process of checking screening could total ensure the qualified electrical properties.

However, most of consumers who ever ordered terminal blocks from ULO Electronics (Cixi) Co., Ltd are very satisfied with the quality of their products. This is because this manufacturer is very responsible with their products production process. If people want to purchase their products, please do not hesitate to contact with ULO group.

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