The importance of learning colours, numbers and shapes for children.

6 October, 2017 – Children learn a lot from visual observation. They can easily pick up how and when things are done just by looking at it. That is why the most efficacious means of teaching children is through visual demonstration. Pili Toys brings to parents all over the world who desire their kids to grow in knowledge, an exciting animated video that will help children learn different colours, numbers and shapes easily.

Colours, shapes and numbers are very important lessons in the early development of a child because the world around him as a child can only be described to him efficiently using mostly these three concepts. Examples are a stop sign, a car wheel, fruits, dolls, the television, the door, the table, the bed, etc.

Teaching these concepts to children will help them develop: verbal communication (such that they can easily describe their environment and possession), logical skills (such that they will master the concept of ‘same’ and ‘different’ that will become invaluable parts of learning addition and subtraction), analytical skills and practice for numbers and letters (because by understanding different shapes, children can get a better grasp of how to form letters. And the memorization of learning shapes can easily be applied to memorizing numbers and letters as well).

A good example of a perfect way to teach kids colours, shapes and numbers is PILI TOYs TV’s animated Youtube videos that teaches the different colours and shapes to kids in the most unique way. Their amazing Youtube videos features colors and shapes such as smiley ball faces and kinder surprise eggs of numerous colours like green, red, orange, yellow, white, blue, purple, etc; specially animated to excite children, toddlers and babies.

In one of their animations, there are three smiley face balls above three drums containing different colours. A long white arm immerses each smiley ball into the drum underneath it a couple of times until the ball appears to drain the colours and transform to that colour. A clear voice pronounces the colour for the children to learn.

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This amazing learning video is perfect for schools and homes for parents and teachers to utilize in teaching their children numbers, colours and shapes with ease.

You can watch this exciting video on Youtube:

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