The imitated fake driver license from could be used as the real one

Recently, a group of high imitated fake drivers license for driver has flowed into Illinois states of US. As initially inspection, those licenses are all from China and they were hidden in tea boxes and jewelry boxes and then smuggled from China to the United States. The directly clients for the false license are all students.

According to the CBS report, those licenses are all made by the high-tech gang and the details of the process are quite adept. Many officials are very surprising about the highly imitated degree. It has been estimated that the false license will cause a serious security threat.

Illinois Secretary Jesse White said he has the concern about the homeland security from those false licenses and he also made promise that he will not stand by and let such acts continue to go on with impunity.

White’s action group is investigating the latest shipment intercepted. The related charger said that the licenses are not made by the general hologram but the real hologram that America government using. Investigators Dumont Patel Taylor said that the license used the best imitation hologram he never seen.

Holograms is the image which use the laser as the light source and use panoramic camera as tool to reflect the related photo on a high resolution holographic film. Now, the hologram have been widely applied into the on the counterfeiting prevention on driver license, credit cards and even clothes.

Customs officials in Bell ask a problem: “Could we use this to get on the plane?” Experts say it is hard to say because the really imitation of the false license is very great. However, the Illinois Secretary of State office also responded that these fake driver licenses did not pass the test of laser and ultraviolet.

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