August 23rd, 2017 – Tessa Clare’s debut novel “The Divinity Bureau” has been launched and is available for pre-order in bookstores and online retailers. The Divinity Bureau tells a captivating story of forbidden romance between a young activist April and Roman, a government employee of a corrupt bureau which controls the population by deciding who lives and dies.

Roman believed that his employer’s activities were necessary as the world was overpopulated, the economy was crippled and the whole world was in crisis. Meeting April changed all this but she remained skeptical as the same bureau has killed his father. The love blossomed, Roman was sweet and loyal, unknown to April that he saved her life.

Published by Asset Creative House, the 316 pages book is scheduled to be released on September 21,2017.

Tessa Clare’s idea of writing the Divinity Bureau came when she was homeless.  She wondered what it would be like when the population grew, now that she was there and there was no room for her. She found time to write despite working full-time and going to school full-time. She used her breaks, mapped an alternative world where earth resources had reached its capacity due to population increase. She built her two characters, a young government employee of a fictitious agency and an activist, “to be on opposite sides of the same coin.”

“April comes from a place of privilege,” Tessa Clare says in her blog post on GoodReads. “She wants to make a difference in the world. And she’s negatively impacted by the bureau’s interference in her life. Roman, on the other hand, is struggling to pay the bills. He’s adversely affected by the bureau not doing anything. He’s less focused on making a difference in the world and more about getting by. But, as readers learn, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make an impact in this world.”

The book is Tessa’s debut novel, she had originally self published it in 2016 but pulled it off the shelf when she decided to retell the story as a first person narrative. She has since done so, telling her own stories, the miseries she has undergone in her life, and a reflection of how the world treats the less privileged in the society.

Through publishing the Divinity Bureau, Tessa aims at achieving her childhood dream, “living to do something extraordinary.”

Available at online retailers:

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Divinity-Bureau-Tessa-Clare/dp/1947015001

Barnes and Noble – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-divinity-bureau-tessa-clare/1126258670?ean=9781947015005

Powell’s – http://www.powells.com/book/the-divinity-bureau-9781947015005

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