TriCoast Worldwide is excited to represent numerous film titles at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel for the industry’s largest conference for independent filmmakers and business people at the 2017 American Film Market.

Los Angeles, CA – November 2, 2017 –

Your movie guide to this year’s American Market film festival.

TriCoast Worldwide is proud to represent several films for international sales at the world’s largest motion picture trade fair, the American Film Market & Conferences be November 1st to November 8th at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. Headquarters will be in the Loews Hotel #810.

• China Salesman • Dog Years • 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry • Let Her Out • A Violent Man • Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds • Hickok • The Brooklyn Banker • The Fatal Contract • Amelia 2.0 • Kuleana • Two Pigeons •

Here’s TriCoast Worldwide’s guide to our must-sees at this year’s American Film Market:

1. “China Salesman” – directed by Tan Bing

In collaboration with Golden God Video & Culture Company explodes the 20 million dollar action-packed “CHINA SALESMAN”, featuring the highly anticipated fight scene between past martial artist, Steven Seagal (“Above the Law”, “Under Siege”) and former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson (“Rocky Balboa”, “The Hangover”).

2. “Dog Years” – directed and written by Adam Rifkin

A24 and DirecTV’s cross-generational comedy based on Rifkin’schildhood hero and ‘70s Hollywood icon, Burt Reynolds (“Smokey and the Bandit”, “The Longest Yard”, “Boogie Nights”), as an emotional journey to accept his future while revisiting his past. With the support of stars Chevy Chase, Ariel Winter from “Modern Family”, Clark Duke, and Nikki Blonsky and Rifkin’s utilization of archival footage from Reynolds’ filmography, “DOG YEARS” is a celebration and tribute to his career through an indie comedy telling the universal story about the rise and fall of Hollywood fame, growing old, and friendships that last a lifetime.

3. “33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry” – directed by Johnny Royal

As the first film to fully examine the entire American Masonic structure of the world’s oldest and most powerful secret society, “33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY” is a feature length documentary uncovering long-time secrets, questions, and rituals of the Masonic Brotherhood. “33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY” features interviews from today’s most prominent Freemasons, as they shed perspective on the path to enlightenment and the ultimate overarching narrative of their own “hero’s quest”.

4. “Let Her Out” – directed by Cody Calahan

TriCoast Worldwide’s horror division, DarkCoast, has collaborated with the production house responsible for re-inventing the ‘70s classic Canadian genre, ‘canuxploitation’, Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment for Cody Calahan’s psychological, high-concept horror, “LET HER OUT”. Filmed through the lens of Helen’s (Alanna LeVierge) panic and shaking fear, unfolds the strange, real-life medical condition, “Vanishing Twin Syndrome”, as Helen’s evil twin is fighting to be set free.

5. “A Violent Man” – directed and written by Matthew Berkowitz and Justin Steele

Representing IME Film’s MMA action thriller, “A VIOLENT MAN” stars former NFL running back from the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, Thomas Q. Jones as the lead character of ‘Ty Matthews’. Jones is also recognized for Hollywood roles of 2015 Oscar nominated drama, “Straight Outta Compton”, Showtime series “Shameless”, and Netflix series “Luke Cage”.

6. “Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds” – directed by Philip Selkirk

Starring legendary British Racing driver, Stirling Moss and recently deceased former F1 world champion and English Grand Prix motorcycle road racer, John Surtees, Selkirk’s fast-paced German documentary follows the unique evolution and history of the worldwide automobile brand, Maserati, and its journey from a small, Italian garage to prestigious car races, shows, and as an icon of high-end luxury.  

7. “Hickok” – directed by Timothy Woodward Jr.

Status Media & Entertainment’s frontier-actioner brings the old west to present day with story of legendary gunslinger, Wild Bill Hickok, whose ‘best in the west’ reputation is put to the test when he faces the difficult task of taming the west’s wildest cow town. The film’s celebrated cast includes Luke Hemsworth, star of the successful HBO original series, “Westworld”, veteran actors and Academy Award nominees Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Dern, and platinum selling country music artist, Trace Adkins.

8. “The Brooklyn Banker” – directed by Federico Castelluccio

“The Sopranos” heartthrob, Federico Castelluccio’s ‘70s-set gangster drama, tells the story of a straight-arrowed family man and banker, Santo Bastucci, who quickly succumbs to New York City’s pressures of crime and violence from Manny “The Hand” Misteria. “THE BROOKYLN BANKER” stars the lead of Santo by Troy Gariety (HBO series “Ballers”, “Barbershop” franchise), Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas”, “Romeo + Juliet”), and Manny “The Hand” Misteria by David Proval (“Mean Streets”, “The Shawshank Redemption”).

9. “The Fatal Contract” – directed by Tan Bing

TriCoast Worldwide acquired Tan Bing’s second thriller, “THE FATAL CONTRACT”, a story about a local bartender and a young policeman’s mysterious journey to uncover the scandalous secrets and truth about a talented painter, who is found dead in a bathtub. “THE FATAL CONTRACT” stars Bai Ling (“Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”), Tao Hong (“Life Show”, “Death Dowry), and Zhao Yan Guo Zhang (“Cool Young”, “The Emperor and the Assassin”). 

10. “Amelia 2.0” – directed by Adam Orton

In collaboration with MORE Productions and WeatherVane Productions comes the futuristic, female suspense film based on Rob Merritt’s 2011 play, “The Summerland Project” – “AMELIA 2.0” – the first film to tap into the genre of ‘transhumanism’. Emphasizing today’s captivation, need and struggle with modern day technology, this science fiction features Ed Begley, Jr. (“Ghostbusters”, “Pineapple Express”), Chris Ellis (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Apollo 13”), Debra Wilson (“Avatar”), Eddie Jemison (“Oceans 11”, “War Dogs”) and Kate Vernon (“Malcolm X”, “Pretty in Pink”). 

11. “Kuleana” – directed by Brian Kohne

Exploring the indigenous Hawaiian culture and language and emphasizing Hawaii’s breathtaking islands, “KULEANA” introduces the film genre, ‘Hawaiian Noir’ by its fresh take on a mysterious, crime thriller story. Illuminating aspects of Hawaiian culture and standing lobbying issues portrays both history and social commentary, but draws viewers in with the thrilling plot of two unsolved murders in Maui come to light. 

12. “Two Pigeons” – directed by Dominic Bridges

Bridges dark comedic-thriller, “TWO PIGEONS”, depicts Hussein (Mim Shaikh), a dishonorable, naive estate agent whom is preyed upon by one of his victims, Orlan (Javier Botet), who silently enters Hussein’s flat in a malevolent crusade for revenge, causing ultimate misery and a germaphobe’s worst nightmare.

The 2017 American Film Market will take place from November 1 – November 8, 2017 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. As the film industry’s largest conference, the American Film Market is a worldwide destination for independent filmmakers and business people.

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• China Salesman • Dog Years • 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry • Let Her Out • A Violent Man • Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds • Hickok • The Brooklyn Banker • The Fatal Contract • Amelia 2.0 • Kuleana • Two Pigeons •

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