The God of Moses Distribution Releases the Video Premiere for the Hispanic Children’s Show “Lucecita Y Sus Amiguitos.”

In recent events, The God of Moses Distribution recently announced the release of the children’s Video “Lucecita y sus amiguitos” (Lucecita and Her Friends). Lucecita y sus amiguitos is a Video program designed for kids and aims to provide quality children’s programming teaching faith-based moral values for Spanish-speaking children in the United States and Latin America.

The 28 minutes episode of “Lucecita y Sus Amiguitos” sets the mood for the entire show that carries the message of the Christian faith to children.   The video program is full of music, dance, animals, clowns, puppets and more, to convey the message in a fun and entertaining way.  Lucecita y su amiguitos is filled with lots of fun, creativity and enthusiasm.

Lucecita y sus amiguitos also encourages children to demonstrate their talents through do-it-yourself videos and through the production of music videos by kids for kids.

With the vision to help all the children in the world to have faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ, the show’s main star, Odalys Amador, better known as Lucecita, is using her experience as a writer and producer of radio and tv for children to spread the message of hope, faith and love to children.

“Just like fathers and mothers love their children, God loves them with an even purer love. You are special to God and he will never walk away from you, he will walk with you, always at your side.  He will send His angels to protect you and His Holy Spirit will guide you in everything you do until your life purpose is fulfilled,” said Lucecita.

The original idea for Lucecita’s character was created by Odalys and Pastor Ramon Antonio Rivera for a radio show, which is now being translated in to the video format. The show will continue its developers’ mission of bringing a message of God’s love to children. 

The entire team at Lucecita y Suss Amiguitos has dedicated tremendous amount of time, effort, care and love into the production of this high quality 28 minute video, which is evident in this Premiere 1st video of “Lucecita y sus Amiguitos”, available on the following link: (, viewers will be able to download and see the enthusiasm that has been put into the development of this production.

This educational, family oriented video is based on the values of the Christian faith, which keeps in perspective that children learn mainly through the example of their parents and therefore seeks to inculcate love for God, family and neighbors. 

After viewing the promotional video online, parents and grandparents will be able to buy the full video and download it to their computer for viewing: “Lucecita y sus Amiguitos” video online at


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