The genesis, vision and what makes Decentralized Reputation System

Decentralized Reputation System (DREP) is a decentralized facility for blockchain innovation that quantifies and monetizesreputation values and uses them for trading, speculating, and sharing information internet platforms.

Put it in perspective, your online reputation from your online stage behavior would now be able to be quantified into a “number” with the help of streamlined calculations, and that “count” may turn out to be more than a number. It currently has a true cryptographic cash-flow that allows you to share, contribute and use as a testament to your personality and credit across different levels and channels (“buy/offer” of other accessible administrations).

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DREP‘s vision is to build a reputation-based blockchain for the internetby leveraging decentralized components, financial impetus, and information sharing. Increase the accuracy of online reputation estimates; Break down the information barriers between different Internet levels and quantify and monetize the reputation of customers, content, objects, administrations, etc. on the blockchain; Enable reputation owners to deal with their reputation on a safer and more private route.


With the simple, decentralized, and unmodified nature of blockchain innovation, we can build a solid, multi-faceted reputation information pool for clients across multiple phases and handle issues in phases.

Regular problems that are faced with:

1. Conniving information

2. Harmful control

3. Low customer loyalty

4. Low client standard for reliability

5. The absence of economic incentives for contribution and engagement

6. Monetize the difficulty of website movement

7. Evaluation mechanism for lengthy reputation

8. Internet platforms in silos

We will improve the quality, increase the retention rate and build trust within the internet community. In the way we use the internet, we are increasingly engaged in different platforms. However, in an ever-changing world of exponentially evolving sources of data, a combined stage could mean the likelihood of controlling substance pushed through to the observer, causing problems, little engagement, and problems for platforms. With a decentralized reputation system strengthened by blockchain innovation, we could help mitigatethese issues. Since there is now a high limit to organize the blockchain for small and medium measured tiers, DREP Foundation is here to help lower the barrier of entry for this emerging technology.

The Upper Hand

1. A substantial and diverse group with a strong blockchain premise, significant BD and PR practices, and reputation learning to better address the agony priorities for web-based platforms with the decentralized reputation system. We also have experienced and legitimate advisors to Blockchain, FinTech, and Internet

2. We expect to create the steady and rapid framework for the networked ecosystem that will enhance reputation and provide reputation estimates referenceable across other platforms

3. A profoundly diverse arrangement that has a high rate of customer base development that can be profitable for parties, opening up a wide range of opportunities, and providing positive, cooperative energies for associations

4. Inside a buried item that can produce more than a large number of token holders when shipping, which can strengthen token costs and help present the main item

5. Continued arrival of live DApps (DRApps in DREP terms) can ensure long-term reliability, enthusiasm for the task and development of DREP token costs

6. Solid tokenomics by steadily increasing the amount of coordinated and cultured lanes. This will help to establish the reputation pool estimate and allow DREP to give more appreciation to administrations

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