The Flip PDF Software Provider, FlipBuilder Now Offers Discount Opportunities announces discount license policy recently. Educators and non-profit organizations can have 30% to 50% discount. Other users can also get huge discounts by exchanging services with FlipBuilder.

FlipBuilder, a digital publishing programs provider, has announced the release of several discount license policies. The discounts will help people obtain FlipBuilder’s PDF conversion tool, Flip PDF, at a lower rate than the program usually retails for.

The discount, which is applicable towards FlipBuilder’s self publishing magazine software program, provides users with six opportunities to save on their purchase. Eligible purchases can redeem up to 100% off the price of FlipBuilder. For education professionals and students, a 50% discount is available for FlipBuilder. Non-profit organizations are eligible for 30%-100% off. Current users are also able to take advantage of exclusive discount upgrades.

In addition to the discounts for school faculty, students, and current Flip PDF users, special discounts are available for anyone who writes and publishes a software review about the FlipBuilder program. Webmasters can also claim a 20%-100% discount by giving backlinks or placing banner ads on their websites. For social media gurus, there is an exciting discount available. Depending on the number of followers, each person who shares FlipBuilder with their following will receive 10%-100% off on their Flip PDF purchase.

There are a few small conditions per discount. For example, education professionals and students must provide proof of their school affiliation. Additionally, non-profit organizations must also be able to confirm their identity. Software reviews should be published and then submitted to FlipBuilder, along with any analytics available. Traffic, visitor, page rank, region, and bounce rate data should be submitted to FlipBuilder when requesting a discount for posting a backlink or a banner ad.

Current Flip PDF users can upgrade to Flip PDF Professional for $200 or Flip PDF for Mac for $49. Also, Flip PDF Professional users can switch to Flip PDF Professional for Mac for $149. For those who already have the Flip PDF Professional for Mac, the current discounted license policy for Flip PDF Professional is $149. Users who currently have Flip PDF for Mac can upgrade to Flip PDF Professional for Mac for $200 or Flip PDF for $49.

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