The first Hong Kong style streetwear brand ‘Best After’ has launched, representing the whole new generation

The first and newly founded Hong Kong style streetwear brand Best After has launched its online store at and the debut capsule collection on 1st of July 2018. ‘Representing the new Hong Kong generation as a brand.’ said the 20 year-old owner and creative director – Tjota, who proposes the society should understand each and every stand’s value, hoping to gather rational stands together and shall every creature live on this planet Earth in peace. Aiming to design and nurture new thinkings with retro sensibility with a futuristic flair. Let everyone has the opportunity to establish our Best After together.

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‘Mister Softee’ is Best After’s first capsule collection SS18 topic, that consists of 3 quality graphic t-shirts and pants. About the British ice cream truck which was brought into Hong Kong during that 100 years of Britain colonial time before 1997, that represents the unique colonized background history, collective memory and identity of Hong Kong people.

Each piece in the collection has specific meaning distinctively. On t-shirt ‘Mister Softee’, Tjota was inspired by the red print which was faded to yellow by time on the ice cream truck. The main color theme of the design is set to yellow-blue from original red-blue on the truck. Front of the t-shirt is the newly interpreted logo of Mister Softee, the back used computer graphics to depict the oldest ice cream truck menu. Redefined the main color of Hong Kong collective memories.

The second t-shirt ‘Soft Icecream’ tells a creative story. That is based on the reorganizing sentence which was the most frequently asked question type in chinese subject in early age of the Hong Kong student’s study. The design asked the audience to rearrange the slogan which originally was on the side of the truck and fill in the answer column in front bottom of the t-shirt. With the reminiscence of “bitter and sweet” memories of hong kong people, the slogan can create an interactive and imaginative fragrant, bizarre, but not intoxicated vibe to the audience.

The brand classic Milestone bracelets are also introducing one after another. ‘Please don’t be afraid to leave scratches on mirror bead. The mirror bead in the middle crafted the Best After logo meaning after once you have started to wear the Milestone bracelet to experience life, scratched marks on the logo is the milestone to pursuit the bestest days in life.’

‘The secret packaging of every works tell the whole story and will surprise the audience, they can even use that as a home deco.’ he stated he emphasizes the user experience and the story behind as these are what makes the brand valuable. Let’s hoop over to to reach our Best After.

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