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December 12, 2013 – Guangzhou – The Portable Planetarium dome is one kinds of fashionable inflatable tent which has been popular accepted by people who like to take part in the outdoor activities such as camping. Nowadays, there are many specialized manufacturers for the Portable Planetarium dome. The is one of the best manufacturers for Portable Planetarium dome. Their inflatable products such as Portable Planetarium dome have been widely accepted by most of clients. Now, let us have deeply understanding about the Portable Planetarium dome.

The Portable Planetarium dome from Yolloy factory has used the workmanship which is adhesive bonding and heat sealing process. The gas column of Portable Planetarium dome is made by the PVC double coated fabric. The surface of this inflatable product has applied waterproof and anti-UV materials which are with the features of rapid prototyping, high strength, flame-retardant, mildew, anti-UV, anti-moisture and so on. On the other hand, compared with the general metal frame tent, the inflatable tent has advantages of light body weight, small size after folded, convenient and easy carrying and so on.

The erection and installation of the Portable Planetarium dome is also very easy and convenience. Relatively speaking, the erection of the inflatable tent is very easy and quickly. People only need to simply put the tent tile on the ground and then connect the tent with the foot pump or electric pump. All of these processes could be simply finished by just two people for several minutes. From here, people could see the advantages of the Portable Planetarium dome which is one of the popular type of the inflatable tent.

For the demolition of the Portable Planetarium dome, it should be as easy as the installation processes. The Portable Planetarium dome remove and demolition of the metal frame tent should cost a lot of time by a number of people. The time-consuming is very large. For the demolition of inflatable tent, it is only need to let the tent natural deflate the gas. Only one people could finish all of these processes.

So, the Portable Planetarium dome from has incomparable advantages compared to the traditional metal stents tent. Its light weight and small size has more advantage in transportation process. On the other hand, the erection and dismantling of the Portable Planetarium dome are also very simple and all processer do not waste any more time and manpower especially for rapid response in emergency using. In some poor environment, the Portable Planetarium dome can also be dropped from the air plane.

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