The Digestive Center Aims to Replenish the Digestive System Naturally with Launch of Actcleanse

The Digestive Center, known for their cutting-edge products and comprehensive approach to optimizing one’s gut health, is proud to announce the launch of Actcleanse — scientifically formulated to include essential enzymes, probiotics, and probiotics in order to help actively cleanse the gut without harsh chemicals or painful procedures.

1 May, 2018 – The Digestive Center, known in the health and wellness industry for their renowned digestive health products and comprehensive approach to empowering consumers, recently announced the launch of Actcleanse (, a 15-day cleanse scientifically formulated to optimize gut health by gently cleansing gut flora and returning the digestive tract to a balanced state. Actcleanse’s all natural ingredients — including essential enzymes, probiotics, and probiotics — grants people suffering from uncomfortable digestive symptoms peace of mind, free of harsh chemicals and painful procedures. 

What sets Actcleanse apart from other digestive cleanses and treatments is it’s cutting edge research and results backed by science. In addition to powerful probiotics, probiotics, and enzymes, Actcleanse also includes several other all-natural ingredients proven to ease common digestive and gut symptoms such as Senna Leaf, Psyllium Husk Powder, and Flaxseed Powder. Senna Leaf comes from Asia and has been used by Arabian and Asian doctors since 9 AD. Its leaves and seeds contain glycosides, sennosides, flavonoids, mucilage, sugar, resin and anthraquinone derivatives, which encourage laxative action and calms constipation. Senna Leaf is also thought to have both anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties, and can be used to expel intestinal worms and toxins from your body. It is an FDA non-prescription approved laxative.

Psyllium Husk Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata, an herb mainly grown in India. Psyllium is a soluble fiber that can pass through your digestive system without being completely broken down or absorbed. Instead, this bulk-forming laxative soaks up water in your gut and becomes a viscous compound that can aid weight management, relieve diarrhea and constipation. 

Lastly, Flaxseed Powder is a great source of both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. It can help normalize your bowel movements, maintain bowel health, and assist with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Dan Wilson, a spokesperson with The Digestive Center, recently discussed the launch of Actcleanse and what it will mean for individuals suffering from uncomfortable digestive issues. “The Digestive Center is thrilled to be launching Actcleanse. We hope that this product can help those trying to management digestive symptoms  associated with poor gut health or imbalance by providing them with an all-natural alternative.”

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