The Diary of Anne Frank Ends with Her Capture by Nazis, New Film about Hannah Pick-Goslar Tells how She Died

Actress Avery Pizzuto selected to play Anne Frank.
Thanks to Hannah Pick-Goslar and some independent filmmakers, the true story of what happened to Anne Frank and her sister in a Nazi concentration camp will be told.

Salt Lake City, Utah“Hanneli and Anne” is a proposed film about a girl who survived to tell what happened to Anne Frank and her sister in a WWII Nazi concentration camp.

The producers have posted a video interview of Hannah Pick-Goslar, a living survivor of the Holocaust, who spent time with Anne Frank in the Nazi concentration camp known as Bergen Belsen. The short video interview can be seen at, along with short videos of each of the young girls selected to play the starring roles in the film.

Pick-Goslar (Hanneli) was a childhood friend of Anne Frank, and spent time with her in the concentration camp just before she died.

“Anne and Hanneli risked their lives to be able to meet each other at the fence (in the concentration camp),” explained Avery Pizzuto, the actress selected to play Anne Frank. “We’d love to share her story of courageousness and humanity,” she added in an appeal to encourage people to learn about the project.

Pizzuto said she is motivated to help tell the world about the unknown aspect of the story, as well as the courage of Hannah.

“We cast Avery Pizzuto in the role of Anne Frank because from the first time she auditioned, she embodied the role. This role is of course very important, as Anne Frank is the face of the Holocaust victims. Avery has the acting ability to bring to the role. She is a delightful young lady who we are so pleased to have found right here in Utah. We saw many young ladies for the role, but she was always our choice from the very first time we saw her,” said Sally Meyer, writer, director, and producer.

The filmmakers obtained permission from the Anne Frank Fonds (charitable foundation) in Basel Switzerland to use text from the famous diary of Anne Frank in the film project.

“Our goal is to make the film in honor of Hannah and her courage, so that people all over the world will not only know the story of Anne Frank, but will also know about Hannah Pick-Goslar,” explained Meyer.

Five One Films Production Company is offering a number of incentives, including an advance digital copy of the film at in return for backers of the film project.

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