The development history of the famous frozen food around the world

April 27, 2014-China-As the detailed introduction of the editor from Homeway foods co., Ltd ( which is the China most professional frozen food manufacturers and supplier, the frozen food was processed by the rapid low temperature. The water and the juice into the food organizations will not be lost. Furthermore, microbial basically not breeding at such low temperatures environment so that the food security could be fully assured. The appearing of the frozen food provides greatly convenience to busy people in today’s society.

After world first quickly freezer had been invented in the United States in 1920s, the frozen food such as Frozen food china had entered into people’s life. In 1950s, the frozen foods had become increasingly popular among more and more people in America. Within thirty years’ development, the frozen food had been accepted by the majority of people around the world.

As we said before, the frozen food was originated in the United States at 1928. Within the initial period of time, this newly products did not win more consumers because most of people are lack the necessary understanding for frozen food. In that case, the development of this industry was very slow until the end of the World War II.

After the World War II, from 1948 to 1953, American began to systematic study the production of frozen food and then they made ??the famous concept and developed the “Frozen Food Manufacturing Regulations.” Since then, the frozen food entered into the stage of industrial production and put into supermarkets especially the development Frozen food supplier and Frozen Fruits individually quick freeze technology, creating the new situation of frozen food around the world. With the effort of America Frozen Food Manufactures.

However, people should know that the canned food was very popular before the invention of the frozen food. Compared with the processing of canned food, frozen food such as frozen veggies has the advantages of simple processing, low cost, highly extending for the storage life and large reducing for the loss of nutrients and water. All this leads up to the most fundamental reasons why most of customers prefer to choose the frozen food.

In recent years, the world’s frozen food production and consumption is in the ascendant and its growth rate is as high as 20 % to 30 %, which is more than any kind of food. By the introduction of editor from Frozen food supplier Homeway foods co., Ltd, the variety of the frozen food could be over 3,000. Countries such as U.S., Japan, Europe and others have already formed a complete cold chain from raw materials processing, marketing and Family eating which could ensure frozen food industrialization and socialization.

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