The development and improvement for Reprap 3D printer would gradually let 3D printing enter into every people’s home
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December 05, 2013 – South Africa – Maybe people have a dream to owning one set of real 3D printer. If this dream had been put at three years ago, it would be the so called day dream. However, people should know that little stroke could fall great oaks. The continuously development of science and technology could gradually help people achieve their dream.

Recently, the news from the most famous 3d printer kit online supplier has brought with people some shocking information about the 3D printer industry. Now, let all of people who like 3D printing carefully read this article.

Currently, many 3D printer industry insiders believe that there are several bottlenecks for 3D printer. These bottlenecks could be concluded into the high cost of raw materials, demand of many kinds of raw materials, 3D desktop printers are unable to create a truly fine components compared with some of the more expensive equipment, existing industry scale for 3D printer is very small and the business model has to be established. All of these shortcomings have led to that 3D printers cannot yet show the advantage to replace the cheap labor industry. But, the appearing of the Reprap 3D printer has giving people the new hope for the desktop 3D printing.

“Now, the goals such as stable structure, high print quality and long service life have already 3d printer achieved but the relatively difficult goal to achieve should be the high precision printing.” MR Quentin who is the establisher for Reprap 3D printer said. He is devoting to solve the problems of printing quality and actual cost for 3D printing. He said:” I have begun my research for invent the low price 3D printer two years ago. However, the design of my first draft is very bad and awesome because we could not find any 3D printer parts in South Africa. In that case, everything had to be done by our own.”

However, after multiple attempts of several earlier products from the RepRap open source, MR Quentin has gradually achieved some breakthroughs such as stability, ease of assembly and others. Now, the new solution could let the space become smaller and the number of the printing part become fewer parts. Of course, these are not the most pleasant surprise.

Quentin is currently make efforts to reduce costs by reducing the necessary parts of his new 3D printer. The reducing for the number of printed parts could make the assembly of the 3D printer become easier thereby it could also reduce failure rate of 3D printer itself. People could visit website which is the best online seller for Reprap 3d printer and they could find that all of these 3D printers have simple structure. That is why this kind of machine could be sold at very low price.

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