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April 17, 2014-China-The needle detector which is generally known as Needle and metal testing machine which the most commonly used type is the conveyor type drug metal detector, is usually used in the detection working process for shoes, clothing, hats, toys, textiles, food, pharmaceutical products, hair velvet toys and others. This machine could be used for detect the metal part such as needle which hidden in the products. Before the packing process of the products such as food and clothes, the detection of the metal and needle detector is very necessary.

According to the description of engineer from Hengxin Machinery, people could get the information about the working principle for this machine. When ferromagnetic objects has been transmitted to the detection channel, the detected head from up and down will generate strong magnetic field and then this signal will be sent to a signal receiving Hengxin Machinery. These processing blocks include the photoelectric sensor, strong electric Manifold, sensitivity control blocks, signal reception, signal output manifold and actuators. The integrated operation of these parts will finish the fully detecting process of this machine.

When the goods which contain the metal parts or iron containing substances pass through this needle detector, the machine will not these products pass and then the machine itself will automatically generate the alarm sound or signal. In general, after detecting the problem products, the conveyor will transmit items back to the original position and the operator could also choose other actions such as removing ( Then, the operator and inspector could find the containing metal part by the location of breakage signal indicating. Whereas, if all of products do not contain metal parts, they can be fluky transited the channel of the needle detecting machine without any alarm. Qualified products can be packaged by exports otherwise the manufacturer will be stuck in customs.

However, the metal detecting machine should be the essential part of each food and clothes manufacturer. No matter how strictly for the inspection and management in the production process for clothes and foods, the situation of metal impurities could not be totally avoided. There is no manufacturer who wants to let their final consumer find the metal or other unimaginable wastes in their products. This will largely influence the reputation of the products manufacturers. So, please purchaser one set of high quality metal and pharmaceutical metal detector. If reader really has the purchasing demand, please visit the official website of Hengxin Machinery to select the most suitable one for this machine.

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