The Civilian cam app can be a life saver

There may have been a point in your life where you have witnessed a crime scene, an injustice happening or something which needs to be brought in the limelight to get the justice. Police brutality is one such event which we may come across in our life. But what will you do if you’re being a witness to such crime? Of course, you’ll try to record it with your smart phone but what if the cop who is involved comes to you and snatches the camera or breaks it? You’ll be helpless in that case. Well, here is an amazing application called ‘Civilian Cam’ which can help you document the whole event if you get caught up in such scenario or perhaps help someone else in case you’re witnessing such crime.

All you have to do is to open the Civilian Cam app and start recording. The best thing is that as soon as you start recording, the app immediately starts uploading the video on the surveillance camera service like a live stream. The offender will won’t be able to stop you from using this life saving app because of your first amendment right to record in public places and to record the police. Also, when you start this application, it immediately locks your phone so that no one else can access it without putting the security code or pattern you’ve put. The only way they would be able to stop this app is by breaking your phone but they won’t dare to do it especially when there will be a live footage of the police officer breaking your phone. Moreover it sends a text message to your family members or friends that you’re using this application along with the download link of the recording. Civilian Cam is a remarkable way to account those who are responsible for Police Brutality.

Developing an application takes a lot of time and money and for that Terry, the creator of Civilian Cam is raising funds which will be used to h ost the servers and the space required to house the many servers required for a fast connection to the web as well as reliable streaming. And the donated money will also be used to hire P rogrammers to create two versions of the app to be available for those utilizing iOS and Android operating systems.

To minimize the challenges faced by Terry, you can donate at:

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