The ‘Capshaw’ case is an unresolved mystery

Some secrets aren’t worth knowing, reads the fascinating cover page of the new mystery novel ‘Capshaw’ which is set for release on September 9.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Logan Anders, who leaves the Big Easy skyline for the landscape of Southwestern Virginia to unravel a 25-year-old unsolved crime in an effort to save his career and avoid dealing with his parent’s sudden death. But what he finds waiting for him in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains is enough to make even one of Chicago’s most fearless reporters think twice before kicking over another hornets’ nest. Clearly, the outline of the story creates an air of suspense, which could peak the interest of any mystery book lover.

The story originally began as a movie screenplay written by Marshal Hunter – one of the co-authors of the book Capshaw. After two or three years of development, Hunter decided to seek out the help of another writer, Leah Spradlin, in order to turn the feature film script into a novel. After collaborating back and forth over the course of eight or nine months, making revision after revision, this team of first-time writers is now preparing to share their creation with the world.

The initial excerpts from the book are well written which creates curiosity in the minds of the reader and gives a feeling that you’re watching a suspense thriller in your imagination. For instance, one of the released excerpts reads, “He scrutinized the photo, then the scene, over and over, patiently asking questions into the thin mountain air to somehow draw out its secrets and make the past come into focus. They had to have missed something.”

This new release has the potential to drawing you into a saga of anonymity, secrecy and adrenaline rush.

Capshaw is being published by Noble Giant Books and will be available on ebook and paperback this fall.

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