The book Financially Fit Free and Fun offers great financial advice for ‘everyday people’

Authors John Davis and Charles Durham has announced the release of their new book, titled “Financially Fit Free and Fun”. It is a personal finance book for everyday people, written by everyday people’.

The book is promised to be unlike any other personal finance book which describes time tested theories and simple financial terms. This book is written in an easy to understand manner with simple tricks and tips to learn financial principles. The book provides ideas and concepts that can support individuals and families in attaining financial freedom.

The book is suitable for everyone, whether someone is working paycheck to paycheck and looking for some extra income or the ones who are just beginning their financial journey. The philosophies mentioned in the book can help the reader succeed and achieve their financial goals in life.

The recently launched book has received good reviews from the readers so far on Amazon one of whom enthusiastically mentions, “Love this book!” It has definitely helped me figure out how to manage my finances. I’m excited about the 70/30 plan! Please, check it out!! It will change your whole outlook on your finances!! Be free my friends” and another one ca

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