The Beta Switch Program: Sue Heintze claims Women Weight Loss could be on Autopilot

The creator of The Beta Switch program, Sue Heintze, claimed that women body could be put on autopilot for weight loss if certain techniques are followed. This claim has caught the attention of owner, Mike Dan, instigating a detailed analysis of the program.

Following the success of the first edition of the Beta Switch fat loss program, Sue Heintze, a fitness expert and the author of Beta Switch program has announced the launching of a new edition of the program. Because of the popularity of Beta Switch Program online, Sue Heintze has gone ahead with re-modification of Beta Switch Program in a way that will even make it easier for people to follow through. In response to calls by subscribers of, Mike Dan, a fitness and healthy living expert has gone ahead with a detailed analysis of Beta Switch Program using the feedback of actual users of Beta Switch Download and available market information since the launching of the program.

Weight loss and Fat loss is one of the most daunting task facing millions of people in America today. And there are thousands of weight loss programs available in the market which makes it difficult for decision on those that are really effective. Also, most weight loss programs comes with different regiment of strict diets and strenuous exercises. It is against this background that Sue Heintze developed Beta Switch fat loss program that works without any calorie restrictions or painful exercises. The Beta Switch is a 12 week weight loss program that help people to lose weight smarter, rather than harder. The whole idea is based on on proven scientific methods that could help turn off the “fat storing” switch in the body and make it enter the “fat burning” mode.

While discussing the content of the detailed analysis of Beta Switch download, Mike talked about the reason him and his team decided to analyse Beta Switch Program. “In the last few weeks, we have intensively go through the new version of the Beta Switch program with a mission of determining if the claims made in the program are actually true. Many of our subscriber have complained about many fake Beta Switch reviews websites all over the Internet. Some of the websites are even reported to be selling some fake versions of the Beta Switch program for almost twice its cost and without any money back guarantee. We believe people need to have all the detail information about beta Switch program in order to make best buy decision on the program.”

Mike made mention of the fact that Beta Switch program was actually designed and created for women only. “The Beta Switch is a comprehensive guide that can teach any woman how to lose fat without any drastic diets or workouts. The whole program takes only 12 weeks before you start seeing significant results. One major attracting peck about Beta Switch program is that the program does not require any calorie counting and is almost non-restrictive. Yet, the special exercises and instructions in Beta Switch program have been scientifically proven to work.” The Beta Switch guide have the potential to teach any woman on how to lose fat without any drastic diets or workouts. You can read more about the detailed report of the full analysis of Beta Switch program in the link below.

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