The best tutorial video of filming techniques with drones launches on Kickstarter

Roberto Lopez has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help people learn how to be an aerial filmmaker. The campaign to source funds and material meant to create a tutorial for aerial film making has commenced. This project is an R2FDrone baby that was started to fulfill a dream Roberto Lopez had to teach more people about aerial film making.

In an effort to expand his aerial filming company, the interviewers realized there are very few people in the industry that can take nice aerial shots and create that cinematic effect. This led to think about teaching more people to film using drones and expand this field of cinematography.

In a field that has always been overlooked, R2FDrone is releasing a video tutorial that can teach experienced pilots and photographers as well as amateurs to use these two passions together and make something great. It has several chapters where experts of different film types share their wisdom and show an amateur how to do it.

Roberto, the CEO of R2F is an experienced drone pilot and together with his partners Pablo the editor and camera operator as well as Carlos, another pilot, they have found the best in this industry to put together this tutorial.

The chapters available in the tutorial include:

  1. Filming basic skills
  2. Flight preparation
  3. Maintenance
  4. Basic filming maneuvers
  5. Landscapes
  6. Action scenes
  7. Races
  8. Indoors
  9. Social filming
  10. Tricks and tips and
  11. Post production

This video is a gift to all people who like flying and shooting videos for movies, private films or any other reason. It is available at a very low cost and provides learners with the freedom to learn at their own pace and time.

The fundraising campaign will help raise cash to hire experts, translations, fees and taxes of the film, creating physical rewards and all the post production work. This is so the tutorial can be provided to more people at affordable prices. Join the campaign now and make dreams come true.

Support the campaign today at:

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