The best controlling method for the powerful LOL character Rogue Mage

April 01, 2014-China-The rogue mage Ryze is very powerful character in LOL. As the highly damage magic, this character has the overpowering advantage for their opponent in the early playing stage of this game. Furthermore, passive skills of this character allow Ryze truly becomes a tireless damage outputting machines. The function of his passive skill could reduce the cooling time of each of his skill after the launching of any of his skill. However, if player want to control this character better enough, they need to know more professional skills and strategy. Today, the professional LOL substitutive player from China lol boost agency Esportsmoodle will teach each player with the controlling method of this character in the whole playing process of this online game.

In the initial stage of the game, the main playing method of the rogue mage Ryze should be give opponents pressure and gain more and more. When character’s level reach to three degrees, player mist ensure Q, W, E three skills all exist. By these three skills, player could easily kill other players. The E skill could be used for fighting with normal soldiers to gain more and more money.

The professional player from lol Boosting service agency said that Ryze has poor blood response speed and low blood volume in the initial stage of this character. So, player should make good use of the skills to attack opponent with suitable distance to minimize the costs of blood. If the other party is likely to seize the opportunity , the death tragic will be easy to be faced by player.

At the beginning of the mid period of this game, the main playing method of Ryze is kill enemy heroes to gain money and experience. The best selection for Ryze should be enemy hero who hit the monster out of the battle field. Furthermore, player could also company with teammates to kill the opponent hero. In the process of Gank, people should flexible make the use of grass to hide their own track and bring invisible pressure to the enemy.

In the later period of the game progress, the main work of Ryze is still hero Gank. The groups fight will often happens at the last period of this game so the Ryze player needs to pay more attention to their position. Ryze do not need to push at the front battle line like his teammate. The best choice for his line should be the side road where the path is hidden. Conducting the surprise attack should be the best choice for this character. The main goal for this character should be the post DPS hero of opponent party.( ) Please note that the dead time of the post period is very long.

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