The basically introduction and features about the advanced Interactive floor projection system

April 17, 2014-China-Maybe some readers did not hear about the interactive projection and wall system. If it is truly in this situation, this article written by editor from NanHai Display Ltd which is the famous China interactive floor projection supplier will help people get related information about it.

The Interactive floor projection system uses the projection device which hanged at the top of the room. When the Visitors go to the projection area, the visitor could get interact with the virtual scenes projected on the projector screen through system identification. Then, a variety of interactive effects will be changed in line with the changing of people’s footsteps.

Frankly speaking, the interactive floor and wall projection system is an interactive projection project integrated the virtual simulation technology and image recognition technology. This kind of project includes the water flip, crash, erase, avoidance, and other forms. The audience could interact with the ground and wall image through body movements. People could imagine all kinds of special effects on the video screen blooming near their feet right, which will give them one kind of new experience.

interactive floor projection system applies the advanced computer vision technology and projection displaying technology to create a dynamic and fantasy interactive experience before each visitor’s eyes. Interactive technology which used by the interactive floor system from NanHai Display Ltd.,, has a leading position in the world and this system owns high novelty and ornamental. It could play an active atmosphere, increase the technology content of the exhibition and improve he degree of popularity of the exhibition on site.

The interactive floor projection NanHai Display Ltd. possess many advantageously features. First, this system could be easily applied into various fields such as interactive games, advertising media and many other projects. Second, the interactive system could emerge the most memorable and fantastic experience and the strong advertising effect to each consumer. Thirdly, the types of special effect for interactive floor projection are very richly. Each user could simply produce the unique theme effects according to different requirements and business purpose. Fourthly, the projection area and shape can be arbitrarily changed to create the creative displaying results according to the different needs. Fifth, the installation, dismantling and transportation of this system are very easy. So it could be very suitable for both the long-term exhibitions and short-term exhibition.

In summary, the interactive floor projection should be the future mainstream for exhibition entertainment, children’s theme park, corporate branding campaign and other advertising activities in human society. If readers want to see the practical effect of this system, please see website

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