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Personal injury can be daunting experience especially when you it happens because of avoidable circumstances or someone else’s negligence.  The sting caused by such an event can render an entire family helpless if the victim is the breadwinner of the family.  Even though most people have the right to sue and can win the lawsuit, lack of transparent and reliable information is usually lacking.  Due to the sensitive and complex nature of personal injury lawsuit, clients need to choose the best Dayton personal injury attorney to represent them and their interests.

The Attkisson Law Firm is among the most experienced and prestigious law firms in Dayton and capable of representing you in multiple personal injury cases which include dog bites, premise liability, wrongful death and car accidents.  With the experience that the firm has to offer, any client that walks through the doors of the Attkisson Law Firm is assured of timely and reliable service.

During the aftermath of an accident, you need a professional with a sober mind and intricate understanding of the law to help you cope and protect your interests.  Regardless of how minor or major the injury is, the Dayton personal injury lawyer will ensure that the right people compensate you for their shortcoming.

With superior experience in the field of personal injury law and an understanding approach to the pain and demise of the victim the Attkisson Law Firm has achieved massive success over the years because of their stellar representation of clients and dedication to each case.  The firm has also been able to win multiple awards over the years which are testament to the capability and dedication of the team at the firm.

With the experience of handling different personal injury cases included car and truck accidents, slip and falls and dog bites, the firm has been able to recover millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients ensuring that they receive justice for their pain and inconvenience.

About The Attkisson Law Firm

The Dayton personal injury lawyer firm comprises of two top notch and highly experienced lawyers mainly practicing in the field of personal injury.  Both legal minds have undergone intensive training and experience over the years with admission to the bar as early as 1997.

They are both member of different professional associations and memberships with plenty of successful personal injury cases under their belts.  They have worked in different capacities in the past prior to starting the Attkisson Law Firm which contributes to their wealth of knowledge and experience.

With the experience and dedication to protecting the victim’s rights and ensuring fair compensation for injuries incurred in such accidents, they have had a stellar reputation and success rate of winning cases. 

The law firm is also able to offer one on one advice to injury victims so they are able to understand legal procedures and requirements of the law and the chances of the cases.  Having lived in Dayton and the larger Ohio area for most of their lives, these Dayton personal injury lawyers understand the system and the laws very comprehensively.

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