The Art derivative giclee canvas printing has big market potential in the near future

April 09, 2014-China-The giclee canvas prints wholesale which is one kind of Art derivative in today’s arts market around the world has the unique interactive experience and market value as it is the perfectly combination of arts, products and markets, which represents a new kind of artistic taste and consumption trends. In other words, the appearance of the high quality cheap canvas prints is a good choice for consumers and the real art lovers who lack of funds to purchaser the authentic work of art.

XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD is the most professional China manufacturer and supplier for blank canvas. During these years’ business expanding, their high quality producst already be chased and preferred by most of art lovers around the world. This is mainly due to their using of high quality giclee art reproductions equipment which has already been adopted by many famous museums and art institutions around the world. The high quality producing equipment for giclee printing could maintain the high end color outputting, smooth painting lines, and accurate redisplaying of details of the original oil painting works. So, most of art collectors and lovers has expressed their opinion that their canvas prints have highly ornamental and collectible value.

The giclee printing technology adhere to the principle of high class unity of color, quality and long lasting time in the production process of the oil painting reprinting. The giclee printing products own the advantages of precise colors, wide color gamut, good waterproof performance, light resistance, strong antioxidant properties, long retention time and other superior performances. For these high level art collectors who have strictly requirements of picture quality, this product could also fully meet with their need.

The manger of XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD said that the giclee canvas prints which is one kind of Arts derivatives has a strong penetrating performance as an industry which has quickly development worldwide. Its strong cultural connotation and market value gradually affect spiritual and material life of today’s people. Frankly speaking, as current leader of world economic development, China has a huge art consumer market and very professional people and technology in this industry. The famous XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD was also established at this market situation ( As the world’s leading canvas prints factory, XIAMEN CJ will try their best to achieving this wonderful vision by their tireless efforts.


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