Aluminum Extrusions Have Been Widely Applied In Many Industrial Areas For Its Unique Features

April 6, 2014. China. For each purchaser for aluminum extrusions, China Shengpeng Aluminum Limited should be the familiar supplier for them. With the development and business expansion during recent years, this manufacturer already expands their business to more than 30 countries around the world. This good performance is not only their continuously effort to quality enhancing but also the widely application of these aluminum profiles or other related products. Now, this article which written by editor from this China high reputation manufacturer will introduce with people the present situation and strong points this widely used product in our daily life.

Aluminium fabrication could be the most widely used non-ferrous structural materials in the industry areas such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, machinery production, shipbuilding, construction, decoration and the chemical industry. It has a large number of applications in all these industrial areas. Furthermore, with the recent rapid development of science and technology and industrial economy, the demand for these welded aluminum extrusions has had greatly increasing and the searching and aluminum fabrication technology also has largely enhancing. That is to say the widely application of the aluminum product could promote the development of these aluminum technologies. On the contrary, the development of these technologies also expands the applications of aluminum extrusions.

Some people should have the puzzle about why the aluminium planks could be widely applied like this. This could be mainly the reason of the unique feature of the Aluminum and its related alloy. The density of the Aluminum is 2.7g/cm3 which should be one third of that of iron. It has low melting point which is only 660 degrees. The aluminum is face-centered cubic structure and it has a high plasticity which let it easy to be processed. So, it can be made into various shapes of extrusions and plates. However, people should know about that the purely aluminum is in the condition of low strength and it could not suitable for application to the structural materials.

Through long-term production practice and scientific experiments, the manufacturer gradually adds other alloying elements and special heat treatment to strengthen aluminum. This could be regarded as the original of the aluminum alloy. Adding such amount of the alloying elements could enhance the strength of the aluminum with keeping its features such as lightweight ( These special methods makes the strength of the aluminum alloy products such as aluminum extrusions is better than a lot of steel, an ideal structural material alloy. That should be why the aluminum extrusions could be widely used in machinery, transportation machinery, power machinery, aviation industries, the aircraft production industry and others.

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