The all in one Unit Converter app receives good reviews from users on Google Play

Unit Converter is the recently launched mobile application on Google Play that has received good reviews from the users. Within a short time of its launch, the app has received over 5000 downloads from the users worldwide. It’s an all in one app that allows the users to convert a wide range of units in different categories. It is simple to use and suitable for students as well as professionals in the field of science, engineering, construction and more. It is also ideal for home use to make everyday conversions of temperature, speed, weight and other units.

Unit Converter is a handy app to convert a value from one unit to another or convert one currency to another. This tool can be used for both professional and personal needs. By using this app, the users can avoid the hassle of converting the units manually, looking for a scientific calculator or browsing the internet because all kinds of conversions can be done right through the mobile phone. Manually doing the calculations is not always feasible as it may take a lot of time and the chances of error are also high which is why the multi-functional app is created to do unit conversions in real time.

Some of the uses of this app can be while cooking, to follow recipes that feature ingredients in different units as well as for students who have to do everyday calculations in mathematics, physics, and other subjects. The app features a user-friendly interface and works in both online and offline mode. The user can save any conversion for future use using the history mode option. Using this app, the user can convert units related to the area, length, speed, force, energy, resistivity, chemical, sound, velocity, power and many more.

Unite Converter app is compatible with all Android devices including tablets and smartphone. It provides multi-language support and requires Android version 4.1 or above to run smoothly.

The users can download the app for free at Google Play store

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