The advantages of giclee printing technology fully exceed the traditional printing

April 09, 2014-China-The china canvas prints oil painting from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD is produced by their leading printing equipment, special printing supplies, and professional color management software. They also apply the color correction device to accuracy measure and modify the differences between the colors curves of printed medium and the standard chromatogram. After this step, these adjusted and accuracy data will be preset to the RIP printer controller. This will let the final printed result of these cheap canvas prints. That is why the products from XIAMEN CJ could be widely welcomed by consumers.

The effect of the canvas prints wholesaling technology exceeded the traditional printing industry and it close to identifying the scope of the human eye. The color retention period of the oil painting produced by giclee method already reached to more than a century. This technology should be the real revolutionary and historical technological progress. Its accurate color controlling, richly detail expressing, realistic picture effect and long-term preservation life already let this new technology become the best way to copying artwork.

The traditional printing has big difference with the giclee printing technology. Now, the editor from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD will first introduce with people the detailed information about traditional printing technology which will help people deeply understanding the difference between the traditional one and the new giclee one.

The traditional printing has widely gamut printing. This technology has mature production methods, complex making process, many aspects and high technical requirements. Furthermore, the traditional printing inks own poor durability and easy to be faded. And, in the opening stage, stopping and the high-speed operation stage of the traditional orienting machine, the printing effect could be varied. On the other hand, the traditional printing technology and machine cannot guarantee color consistency by duplicating output and the low-grade final products could not be regarded as the finished collection of art works.

After the introduction of the traditional printing technology, readers and consumers should also know something about the Giclee printing technology which is applied by XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD. There are many featured advantages of this new printing technology. First, it has widely applying range such as photography, watercolor , oil painting and computer synthesis; secondly, the cheap canvas prints made by the Giclee printing technology own highly performance of waterproof, anti-oxidation, anti-light and scratch-resistant; thirdly, the durability of the Giclee canvas prints is good and they could be saved more than one hundred years. Fourthly, the ultra fine printing effect of the Giclee printing technology let the canvas prints has no grainy feeling ( On the other hand, the digital controlling let the repeatedly produced products all have well color consistency.


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