Texting Base Creates New Cloud-Based Software For Personalized Texting

Texting Base offers a new way to communicate with groups of contacts through its patent pending cloud-based software. Text messages are personalized to the name and/or interests of each recipient within any sized group.

Texting has connected the world to degrees never predicted. December 3, 1992, the first text message was sent in the UK, which simply said “Merry Christmas.” The text was sent from a PC, as phones did not have keyboards. Soon texting was added to phones but thought to be a novelty that would not really be used. After all who would need to communicate in 160 characters or less?  In 2015, over 8 Trillion texts will be sent worldwide. 15% of worldwide texts will be for commercial purposes and marketing.

Texting Base has created software to dramatically improve the efficiency of the business text and improve the relationships between businesses and their customers.

According to CEO, Eric Beans, “We developed what I always wanted for business communication.  We took the efficiency of the “mass text” and the effectiveness of a “personally written message” and combined the two. For the first time ever, businesses can use all the information they have on customers’ likes and wants to craft highly personalized messages without taking the time to write each message one at a time.  The product allows for personalization that goes way beyond first name or last name.  This is a major breakthrough in business communication.”

Laila Archer is an Attorney with the LMB Law Firm, PLLC and a Texting Base customer, “Time is a major factor and Texting Base is a great idea. I use it for all sorts of reminders and it’s been very helpful.”

Eric Beans explains the impact on personal communication: “The question we asked was simple. How can we allow businesses to reach large groups of people quickly and efficiently and keep each message personal? The foundations of doing business with one person versus the next always come back to rapport and trust over time.  Texting Base is a tool to help businesses keep in touch more efficiently and build their important relationships.”

The statistics support the use of texting in business: 98% of texts are read compared to 22% of e-mails and texting has a 6-8 times higher response rate than emails. Texting Base sees a huge opportunity to pick up market share from companies like “WhatsApp” who don’t focus on the business market.

Alex Shaffer, co-founder said, “Texting is personal and not like email in that people don’t want to be “spammed” on their phones. By helping businesses build relationships properly, we can help get businesses away from the “spam” mentality and show them a better way to build their businesses by developing real relationships with their customers.”

Learn more about the innovative new platform launch by visiting the web page at http://www.textingbase.com today. Members of the press who have additional questions are encouraged to contact Eric Beans at the location provided below.



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