TERII SETS A NEW TREND: Prospective Students Can Now Put College On Trial Period Of 15 Days

The present generation, rather the Generation Z, is characterized by individuals who are informed, intellectual & need solid proof of any assertion instead of simply taking one’s word for it. So, why are universities reaching their potential students still stuck at outmoded promotional practices of campus tours & brochures? Thinking ahead of the curve, Technology Education And Research Integrated Institutions (TERII), has introduced their ‘Free Foundation Course’ for prospective students.

The concept behind the Free Foundation Course is brilliantly simple. Interested candidates can stay on-campus, with fully sponsored meals and accommodation, take lectures and experience what the university has to offer for a period of 15 days — for absolutely free and no strings attached. The program commences from June 10, 2018. Candidates would have to bear the travel expenses to and from the TERII campus, located in Kurukshetra. Apart from that, the college will arrange for everything else. Lodging facility, fresh meals, pick-up from the railway station along with sightseeing provisions would all be made available for zero cost to the participants.

TERII, was founded under the aegis of “GyanKund Trust To Educate and To Serve” in the year 2007. The trust runs with the motto “To Educate and To Serve”. Their mission is imparting quality education in order to produce highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident individuals, who are ready to face global challenges head on and do so with a strong sense of purpose and meaning. Their fundamental belief is that every individual associated with their organization is a part of their family. They intend to foster a nurturing and compassionate environment for their students and their staff alike, ensuring that everyone feels involved and cared for.

TERII has been approved by AICTE, MHRD, GOI & Govt. of Haryana and accredited by IAO, USA. It also functions as the Remote Centre of IIT Bombay, SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter of IIT Madras and Virtual Lab Nodal Centre of IIT Delhi. The faculty is highly qualified and capable and TERII has been awarded for Best Teaching Practices by Career Option Magazine. Additionally, the remarkable exposure being given to the students is evident from the facilitation of global internships in a whopping total of 126 countries. “We believe in providing great opportunities and exposure to students. The enrichment of their knowledge and personalities is our top-most priority,” said Mohender Pal Gupta, an advisor at TERII.

It’s fairly simple to create a good impression in a campus tour that lasts for a few hours or a brochure that is glanced upon for a few seconds. Taking on the project to ensure that prospective students actually experience the campus life and to empower them with that they need to know first-hand, is unprecedented. TERII has always believed in going the extra-mile for the benefit of their students. The Free Foundation Course will cover study material taught during the real college session. It will be extremely useful for the candidates and can be seen as an induction program for the students. The 15-day trial period will constitute an excursion to Chandigarh, various sports events, movie nights, outings, campus walks, motivational workshops and an unforgettable overall experience. Interested candidates can register for the program.

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