Technician from Medchemexpress Chemicals tell their customers the main functions of their cell signaling inhibitors

June 19, 2014 – America – What is the main function of the cell signaling inhibitors? This should be a very professional problem. In a word, the professional problem needs to be solved by the professional people. Now, let the specialized technician from famous inhibitors supplier Medchemexpress chemicals will tell people main functions of this kind of inhibitors.

Each insider should know about that cell signaling inhibitors should be very excellent medicine for cancer curing. In the development process of the occurrence of malignant tumors, there should be the accumulation of genetic variation trend and the surviving of many tumor cells often pass through one particularly nerve signal pathway, which could help these cancer cells to maintain the ability of continuous appreciation. By this way, the cancer cell will fully absorb the nutrients in the inner environment of people’s body and have unrestricted value. On the other hand, other signaling pathways and parts which exercise the normal function will degrade. The kinase inhibitors which could block the signal of the value of specific tumor cells could better stop the increasing of these cancer cells. For all of other normal cells, due to other compensatory pathways, their normal function will not be affected.

There are many types of signals inhibitory molecules, such as small molecules, antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides, ribozymes. These substances can be used for screening of anticancer drugs. In these animal experiments, some of the signal molecule could have good performance for anti-tumor. For example, RG13022 have very good curing effect for the carcinoma which should be the over-expression of EGFR.

On the other hand, the cell signaling inhibitors can also be divided into non-selective and selective types. Non-selective cell signaling inhibitors which are also known as broad-spectrum signal inhibitor or general signal inhibitors could not only have good inhibiting effect to on the increasing value of such tumor cells but also have very huge inhibiting effect to these normal cells. For example, the RAS inhibitors is very good example for this. Furthermore, the selective cell signaling inhibitors could unusually play the active role in blocking the signal transduction pathways of specific tumor cell.

In short, the using of cell signaling inhibitors is one kind of signal transduction therapy which is a new anti-tumor method that appeared in recent years. This kind of method has been created by the gradual clarify of the molecular mechanism of tumor cells. With the deepening of the molecular biology and the tumor genome research, the further elucidate the molecular mechanisms of tumor development will be more and more clearly in the near future ( This approach will be expected to gradually matured and used for clinical application.

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