Teadaw Selling Authentic And Quality Chinese Teas

Teas Are Made in Rural Southwest China and Available in Many Forms

Chengdu, China – October 10, 2017 – China is known for its fresh and distinct tea farms. These farms are important for being places where only the best tea leaves are grown. Teadaw is proudly offering teas from these great farms online with seven varieties available.

Teadaw focuses on selling its teas by getting its products directly from tea farms to customers. This keeps wholesalers and other traders out of the way as people can directly get the teas that they want. The general goal of Teadaw is to offer authentic Chinese teas at affordable prices and with little to no influence on the leaves.

The tea gardens that Teadaw operates come prominently from the southwestern parts of China. This is where the altitude and humidity create perfect environments for helping tea trees to grow. These farms are also far off from many of China’s cities where air pollution has become a massive threat in recent time.

The seven kinds of teas available for sale include enjoyable styles. The Emerald green tea offers a sweet taste while the Jade Sword green tea has a bright appearance. Three types of black tea are available. The Golden Wool has a strong and sweet texture while having a smooth flavor that is easy to take in. Red Agate has a floral scent with several layers of flavor. The Red Neddle black tea has a maple sugar scent and a sweet taste that can be accentuated with honey. For yellow tea enthusiasts, the Flower Field tea has a jasmine scent and taste to it. The Blood Sherry tea is ideal for dark tea fans as it has a dark red look with a nutty tone that offers a dense flavor.

Each tea is made with extreme caution. They all work well with natural sweeteners like lemon, sugar and honey. It only takes three to five minutes to steep one of these teas as well although the standards will vary based on the particular tea one wants to enjoy.

Teadaw is offering its many authentic tea products online at teadaw.com. The teas are made with real care and designed to be enjoyed by all.

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