Tax Preparation Services by Wesley Financial Our tax preparation services make us the leader in the industry; working alongside GMG Savings and Stryde to provide an umbrella of financial help and accounting help for your company. The truth is, tax laws are changing this year. 2018 means having an accounting agency you can actually trust.
Wesley Financial Services worked with companies to find savings on average of $200,000 per client. We are a no upfront-charge consulting agency; our only fee is a small percent of the savings we find you.

The best way to start this trust is by hiring a company that doesn’t charge you upfront. See why we can do your taxes for free while also providing tax incentive help as one of the large cpa firms in the U.S.

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The Way to Save Money For 90% of Companies. No upfront charges until savings are found.

We eliminate this risk by waiving its fees when their estimated savings don’t create a positive ROI for its clients…No Savings, No Fee.

Expense Reduction

The problem for most small and mid-size tax-paying businesses is that the cost to conduct the studies required to claim these tax savings frequently exceed the savings themselves — resulting in a negative ROI. Our experience is that approximately one in three tax-paying businesses fall into this class, representing a significant downside risk.

Accountant-friendly. Nationally covered.

We are mostly a contingency based consulting company so we and our partners don’t charge a fee unless we locate you savings. We focus our services in areas that require specialized experience only found in our resource team of over 100 industry specific Program Experts, Tax Engineers, IP Attorneys and Financial Analysts. This allows us to deliver the most comprehensive engineering based taxation studies and cost recovery programs to our clientele. We are driven to discover the largest amount of savings for your organization.


Specialized Tax Incentives

In the case of cost segregation studies that accelerate depreciation of non-structural building elements, our fixed fee is guaranteed not to exceed 10 percent of tax advantages — assuring a 10:1 ROI with no risk of a negative ROI.
We reduce business costs by the thousands by doing credit card merchant, waste and recycling, workers compensation insurance, and shipping audits. Our nationwide experts can help 9 out of 10 companies reduce prices.

Medical practices, hospitals, restaurants, franchises, shops, hospitality, production, staffing, automotive, real estate, transport, and other sorts of companies have discovered specific procedures to decrease costs with us. Find tens of thousands in savings with our savings estimator.

We help every type of company.

Our partners have helped tens of thousands of businesses reduce expenses and get large national tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured. More than 90% of all companies can benefit from one or more of our services, having already saved them over $500M. Contact us now to discover more.

We provide tax services free of charge until savings made for every one of our clientele. Our average savings begin at $5,000 and can be as large as $500,000.


Next, we introduce you to our world-class staff who will start the savings process for you. Reserve an appointment and we’ll get you started.

Our representatives operate nationally and have been recognized for the last ten years to find millions in savings. We work together with your accountants and financial staff with no fee before savings are found.

We supply cost-effective programs for retirement programs, medical insurance plans, corporate financing, and company development consultations. Our comprehensive programs can be united and only cost when savings are created.

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