Taking on a sunny disposition

Melbourne Australia – 1st August, 2017 – It is said that the best things in life are free, so why not get your power from the sun? Ultra-efficient solar panels can turn a company’s roof into a power station with a potential payback of less than three years, according to solar panels Melbourne, which specialises in solar installations for business as well as family homes.

“Most commercial enterprises operate during the day, when the sun is shining”, says Energis’ operations manager, Mike Russell. “That offers the best pay-back opportunities for businesses. By installing a low maintenance solar power solution, smarter companies are, in essence, locking their electricity rates for 25 years, the life span of a good quality solar PV [photovoltaic] system”.

Adam O’Byrne, director of Byrners Motorcycles, had solar power and LEDs installed and says the energy bill in one showroom dropped from 1943kWh to 424kWh. ‘‘That’s a 78 per cent saving. Better still, there’s an 85 per cent saving in our other showroom,” he says.

Russell says the Australian Tax Office (ATO) may also allow businesses to write-off assets under $20,000 in the first year of operation.

Whether you’re considering large commercial or smaller residential solar, look for a CEC-accredited installer with a proven track record like Energis.

Energis offers different types of Solar Power Systems like: Grid connected Solar Power System, Hybrid Solar Power System and Off-grid power system. These power systems are reliable, clean, hassle free and cost competitive answer!

Russell says Energis has customers Australia-wide and is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Retail Code of Conduct. ‘‘Energis installations meet all Australian standards and [have] longer warranties than required by consumer law,” he says. “Over the past 10 years, I have observed a dramatic improvement in the quality of solar PV installations. The industry is now heavily regulated, led by Australian Standards, the Clean Energy Council, Australian Solar Council, Energy Safe Victoria and the five distribution businesses,’’ he says.

“Our designers analyses each client’s energy usage before designing a system. We ensure it’s the most efficient system possible. We also look at available roofing, shading, roof inclination and orientation. We then match the PV hardware to the situation.

“We try to offset the base load for a company by making sure all the power produced on the roof is actually consumed by the business with a minimum being exported to the grid. The energy you don’t have to buy is the best way to save. After all, the energy from the sun is free.’’

Russell says residential homes can boost long-term savings by installing a battery that stores energy during the day, to be used at night. Given rising energy prices, an increased feed-in tariff in Victoria and lower capital outlays, there is an unprecedented increase in demand for solar.

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