Take your soul to a magical voyage with the book — SOUL OF THE SUN

Life is an unpredictable journey of our soul which follows different paths according to the choices we make. With his new book titled, “Soul ofthe Sun”, author Vesa M. Lumielle presents such a journey of a soul to the readers. It is a story that takes readers to travelling across time and dimensions. And at the end it will make the readers question about how their lives have been going on and the paths they are following in the journey of their respective souls.

Vesa M. Lumielle calls himself a mystical traveler who enjoys poetry. Well, he has used his words & experiences beautifully through the poetry& the story behind,in “Soul of the Sun”, letting readers go on with the flow of the words & be a part of his journey through poetic landscapes & much more. Life cannot be planned in advance. It’s our calling, which takes us through the journeys we make in our lives. Vesa Lumielle has chosen a handsome flow of words to beautifully describe that how our fear driven mind keeps holding us back from letting ourselves go with the flow in life.

The wonderful journey of the soul described in the book has used the words in a way that it makes readers directly relate their lives to it. Reportedly, a review of the book says, “After all, we live the illusion of reality, is the sentence that would sum up the book best. The book is embedded with magnificent poetry. The story of this book is an inspiration to question our own paths & journeys depicted beautifully with magnificent poetry making it a wonderful read.

The book, Soul of the Sun, has been released on March 6, 2015. Published by Resverie.com, the book is available for the readers on kindle. So if you are inspired to go through this magical voyage of the soul, you may give it a shot.

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