Sweet Potato Vodka: A sweet story that never gets old

California’s only farm to bottle sweet potato vodka distilleries, Sweet Potato Spirits.
California’s first farm to bottle Sweet Potato Vodka. Handpicked, raised and ready for consumption, What is this old world feel in a new age methodology and how do we find some for our personal stash spot at home?

What is Sweet Potato Vodka?

Sweet Potato Vodka has taken the nightlife culture by storm and is still gaining popularity from vodka connoisseurs alike. It is hard to believe there is no popular face yet attached to Sweet Potato Vodka, unlike your typical alcohol brands out there that have celebrities branding and advertising their bottles. Sweet Potato Vodka is cut from a different cloth, for nearly 100 years, Corbin has been lucky to have farmland in California’s beautiful San Joaquin Valley, where rich soil and endless sunshine create the perfect environment for raising the best sweet potatoes. David Souza is a 4th generation farmer and 1st generation distiller; if you go about searching (David Souza + sweet potato) on the internet, you’ll witness the “heart of the business” of a journey with planning and process going to work. Being the first one to produce a Sweet Potato Vodka and having a unique product behind it, makes Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka an intriguing drink to all. Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka can be mixed; it can be taken straight up, and or on the rocks.

The characteristics of the Sweet Potato:

Who knew the Sweet Potato had some character? The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the family Convolvulaceae. Its large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable. [1][2] The young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens. Ipomoea batatas is native to the tropical regions in America (Wikipedia). The longer the sweet potatoes are aged, the better it gets. Fresh out of the ground the sweet potatoes are considered to be “green” and have a high degree in starch, this is the reason why it cannot be used from the field and to be stored. Unlike your regular white potatoes, if kept chilled they can last forever.

The story untold:

When there is a story to a product, like Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka it makes things so much sweeter. The articles, videos, and interviews about Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka has stories of family generations, the struggles of going through a process (beginning and end), and the Sweet Potato. Creating Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka is a process of its own with about 100 hands touching the procedures from hand picking the sweet potatoes from the farm to bottling Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka by hand. The process isn’t easy by any means, when picking the sweet potatoes from the farm, each sweet potato has a different aging process which is the reason why the sweet potatoes can’t be used right away from the field, and it has to be aged up to 12 months and stored in room controlled temperature. Each process is tedious and goes unnoticed to all vodka connoisseurs, which is why the numerous stories untold get sweeter.

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