Sweet Clothing Distribution Launches The Comfy Sweater Knit Hoodies, Campaign Begins On Kickstarter for Funding

Sweet Clothing Distribution starts crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for project The Comfy, the Sweet Looking All Weather Sweater-knit Hoodies.

Sweet Clothing Distribution, the company owned by Todd and Tanya Listwin and associated with brands like Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear, has announced that they have started a campaign on Kickstarter to fund project, The Comfy. The all-weather, state-of-the-art sweater-knit hoodies is designed to keep users comfortably warm and dry while outdoors.

“We are proud to introduce to you The Comfy, our newest creation made with our custom sweater knit fabric,” says Todd Listwin. “The Comfy is a chunky cotton blend that is soft and cozy and completely lives up to its name. We are aiming to emerge as a modern day outwear company with this brand and need the support of the Kickstarter community to succeed in this endeavor.”

Sweet Clothing Distribution is already a reliable and popular name in the world of designer wear and already has a great track record thanks to the success of their brands like Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear. They are now targeting the multi-use weatherproof fashion outwear niche to market The Comfy. These versatile hoodies are warm, water and windproof and the perfect wear for the beach for after surfing, at campfires, urban camping, boating and for general cruising around.

The Comfy is made with their newest custom fabric using a chunky and cozy sweater knit fabric on the outside, membrane in the middle layer and an extra breathable mesh lining for added comfort.

Todd and Tanya have used the latest in street fashion for The Comfy. It is designed to look and feel great on users regardless of where they are going. The Comfy has similar functions as the very expensive high end products that look sporty and cool. According to the couple, this new product group is the best valued rewards they have ever offered.

During their research, Todd and Tanya discovered that the youth of today looking for multi-use, weatherproof fashion outerwear had limited options to sport a fashionable city look, especially in poor weather conditions. The Comfy has been designed for extreme comfort while outside in bad weather conditions. The product is great for students, soccer moms and dads who encourage their kids play soccer in the rain or snow, minimalists, for those who love traveling and commuters among others.

The company operates in a very capital intensive industry. They have products that cater to a niche group and have been serving their customers well. However, with growth comes the high cost of staying competitive and successful. They have to mass produce their products to keep costs of their products competitive. They are hopeful that the crowdfunding campaign will not only support the current project but also finance the company so that it can function smoothly and efficiently.

The crowdfunding campaign launched by Sweet Clothing Distribution is aiming to hit a financial goal of $10,000 with the deadline of 24 November, 2017 for achieving the target.

About The Comfy:

The Comfy is a sweet-looking all weather sweater-knit hoodies designed and developed by Todd and Tanya Listwin for their company Sweet Clothing Distribution. It is made by using the company’s new custom sweater knit fabric to make them both warm and wind-proof. The hoodie is targeted at multi-use weatherproof fashion outerwear niche.

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