Suxcom Speaks Out Against Cannibalism

The Suxcom corporation openly opposes cannibalism

Malolo Lailai, Fiji – SUXCOM has announced that it will continue to oppose the practice and supporters of cannibalism, worldwide. The announcement was made when several furious disapprovers erupted in SUXCOM’s corporate headquarters during a formal discussion. When the subject of cannibalism was brought to the discussion table, the strong opposition from SUXCOM was again demonstrated. The company feels that culture or religion should not justify cannibalism along with its supporters by any means.

SUXCOM firmly believes that eating people is wrong. Also, the company also believes that even if someone is willing to be eaten, it is still wrong to eat that person. The stance of the company is not limited to the humans, but it has also extended this anti-cannibalism stance to include animals. SUXCOM believes that it is wrong for animals of the same species to eat other members of that particular species.

“Just because you don’t like someone, does not give you the right to cannibalize them.” Said an authorized SUXCOM Representative while discussing the issue. “While marijuana enthusiasts have been known to confuse cannabis and cannibals, if someone asks you if you would like cannibals, you should always say no thank you. Just say no to cannibals.” He added.

SUXCOM has also urged on human intervention against cannibalism within species without the animals knowing that this is happening. For instance, SUXCOM believes that sharks should not be fed shark meat if they are being kept as pets and same goes for farm pigs who are being fed with pork. The company broadened their anti-cannibalism stance but remains highly focused on the main issue, and the company is determined on discouraging people from eating other people.

While cannibalism may very well be a growing new trend, SUXCOM discourages young people from joining the ancient ways and traditions of past cannibals. When considering life and death situations where cannibalism may be the only viable option for survival, SUXCOM encourages survivors to find non-human based food sources.


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