ROCK SALT RELEASING presents Nikolaj Coster-Waldau like never before in a heart-wrenching, disturbing, ‘Scandi-crime’, ‘Nordic noir’ – ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ – a film that questions how far someone will go when life is hanging by a thread.

Los Angeles, CA – July 11, 2018 –“How far can ordinary people go when tragedy knocks on their door, creeps into their living room and moves into their bedroom?” Find out this weekend at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge for the U.S. theatrical run of ‘A 2nd CHANCE’.

Directed by Oscar-winning director and Emmy-nominated Susanne Bier (‘The Night Manager’, ‘In A Better World’), ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ (En chance til) is a gritty, high-concept Nordic noir for its depiction of gruesome child neglect, ability capture the bone-chilling atmosphere, bestowing areas of gray onto the adult moral complex and its imminent implications, uniquely attributed to Bier’s as a female voice and influence. ROCK SALT RELEASING will represent ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ for its U.S. theatrical run beginning this Friday, July 13th at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge Sunset and other select theaters.

Bier offers a show bursting with pain in which the script’s twists and turns gradually plunge its characters into a whirlwind of moral dilemma,” wrote Cineuropa’s Alfonso Rivera.

Written by the talented Ander Thomas Jensen (‘All You Need is Love’, ‘In A Better World’), ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ parallels two families – one, Detective Andreas (Coster-Waldau), his picture-perfect home, wife, and healthy baby son, and – two, the sleazy junkie-couple with a baby boy of the same age, wrapped in a dirty rag, covered in his own excrement, and surrounded by the fumes from his parents’ heated spoons and mixed toxic drugs. Similar to most Nordic noirs, ‘A 2ND CHANCE’ is slow burning, gritty, chilling and even more so for its shocking twist – when Andreas awakes to a parents’ worst nightmare, the sudden death of his baby boy. Showcasing Nordic noir’s often-provoking tension between the surface – a covered-in-shit, neglected baby boy – to the richer, morally complex backdrop of the crime committed – Andreas baby-snatching the neglected child to replace his now cold-and-blue son, to repair his wife’s morbid depression, and in his mind, to instill justice. “Susanne Bier outdoes herself by twisting the suffering of her beautiful protagonists into a frightening drama starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,” continued Rivera.

Bier’s ‘A 2ND CHANCE’ direction invokes a strong, female empowered voice with open eyes to the dark world, while maintaining the unique and incredibly high influence of women within such dark, gritty Nordic crime thrillers. “Women in Nordic noir bear witness. They hold men to account. And they do it with a fierce determination that speaks to some greater social purpose – stalking the bloody landscape, sniffing it for clues, and refusing to cease hunting or look away from the horrors until something resembling justice is secured,” wrote SBS’s Joanna Di Mattia. ‘A 2ND CHANCE’ blurs the line between good and evil, and the morals of right and wrong, as a once seemingly black-and-white world becomes brooding with shades of gray and questions about society’s ethical principles. As a Nordic noir, the film’s gloomy atmosphere and depiction of dreadful neglect acts as a Nordic noir by exposing life’s deepest, hidden secrets as “the veneer of normalcy is torn away to reveal sinister truths hiding beneath everyday life,” continued Di Mattia.

Rooted in the foundations of love and parenthood, Andreas’ decision to re-build their lives by going against his personal and professional ethics of the law by doing the “right” thing – kidnapping, or saving, the junkies’ baby portrays how an adult’s moral compass can be altered in a time of tragedy, even if one is a cop. Bier’s heart-wrenching ‘A 2ND CHANCE’ “take a gamble on redemption, that endemic evil of contemporary movie screenplays which is bent on the forgiveness and salvation of its characters in order to thus achieve politically correct endings that leave a nice taste in the audience’s mouth,” concluded Rivera.

In collaboration with Trustnordisk and production companies, Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn and Film I Vast, ROCK SALT RELEASING will represent ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ for its U.S. weeklong theatrical run beginning July 13th at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge Sunset ( and other select theaters. ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ will be available on video digital platforms beginning July 23rd. For press inquires, please contact:  

Alongside Coster-Waldau (‘Oblivion’, ‘Mama’), ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ stars award-winning Swedish actress, Maria Bonnevie (‘I Am Dina’, ‘The Banishment”, ‘The 13th Warrior’), Nikolai Lie Kaas (‘Angels & Demons’) and debuting model, Lykke May Andersen. Alongside are Ulrich Thomsen (‘The Blacklist’, ‘Hitman’), nominated Roland Moller (‘Atomic Blonde’) and Peter Harber (‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’).


A 2nd CHANCE (2018, 102 min.) Directed by Susanne Bier. Editor: Pernille Bech Christensen. Cinematographer: Michael Snyman. Original Music: Johan Söderqvist. US, English. Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn, Film I Vast. TriCoast Worldwide, Rock Salt Releasing.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn and Film I Vast. 

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