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September 1st, 2017 – The advent of renewable energy has been nothing short of amazing. It allows you to receive energy from sources such as the sunlight, wind, rain, tides and even waves which are naturally replenished. Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, Azimuth Solar Products Inc. through inventor, co-founder Matthew Longman and Shari McDowell have created the Portable Solar Generator System. True to its name it offers the opportunity to carry solar power on the go.

The system sits on a tripod stand and consists of a 2-axis, 360 full rotation frames. The full rotation feature allows it to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, up to 40% more than fixed solar panels. The Azimuth portable solar system once solar powered for a day may last up to four days providing power for micro-grid cabin systems, mobile work sites, RV’s, refrigerators, boats and more. It also carries a 12-volt socket in which devices and battery pack can be plugged in directly. For the RV’s their batteries may be connected through their 7-way socket.

The portable solar system is hassle free to install. It takes at most five minutes and the process is completely tool free. They are suitable for all conditions or locations; the tripod can hold over 3000 lbs and has a metal base that can lay flat on the ground or be sunk into soft surfaces. The Azimuth Portable Solar Generator System is an ideal product for persons in support of the use of renewable energy.

It is safe and sustainable as it is an alternative to the use of gasoline which emits noxious fumes, it is durable with the ability to withstand winds over 60mph, it is excellent for disaster security by providing a backup system for communications and disaster response and lastly it is scalable and flexible as all the component parts are sold separately and can be added based on necessity or want of an upgrade. Having a stand alone rotatable tripod allows you to mount other solar panels thus maximizing their usage. 

The system is available in 3 kilowatts and 3.6 kilowatts that vary by the size of panels.

To support the Azimuth Portable Solar System visit to pledge your support as well as to get your very own system. You will be treated to a detailed demonstration of how the system is involved as well as it will show how and in which scenarios it may be used.

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