Summer’s Ending And It’s A Good Time For Tree Trimming

Now that the summer is ending, refreshing your yard’s trees with the help of All Clear Tree Service can ensure a beautiful yard all winter long. The fact is, when it comes to tree pruning, having a professional is always an excellent bet. Trimming trees correctly is far from easy, and requires a steady, experienced hand. This is not only about appearance: a professionally trimmed tree grows correctly, and better.

Located in the city of San Diego, California, All Clear Tree Service brings laser like precision to their pruning services. But the company is more than just a trimmer. All Clear Tree Service also offers:

  • Tree removal and clean up
  • Tree trimming or pruning
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Storm damage/fire cleanup specifically surrounding trees

Now, tree trimming isn’t necessarily the prescription for every tree. Many trees, sadly, need professional removal. Some classic symptoms that your tree needs to be removed include:

  • A tree with out of control roots that is affecting your sidewalks, driveway or sewer pipes
  • An unsightly tree that cannot be fixed with pruning
  • An unstable tree that may be prone to falling
  • A diseased or lightning-struck tree

Removing a tree professionally is so much more than just trucking it away. It includes the correct felling of the tree. Felling a tree sometimes looks easy to the novice home gardener, but in practice, it can be quite dangerous. Incorrectly felling a tree can damage power lines, vehicles, or even your home! This is quite risky work, but fortunately All Clear Tree Service has the specific experience to ensure your tree falls the way it should!

Once a tree is removed, many homeowners consider stump removal, a job which requires specialized skills and equipment. Because tree roots tend to snake under the ground quite deeply, removing the stump fully and correctly can be a serious chore. All Clear Tree Service has removed tree stumps since we began, and can work with you today.

Basically, if you have any tree operations that need to be completed on your property in San Diego County, All Clear Tree Service is your shop. For a free quotation, please check out:

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