Success is no Longer a Secret, says Pipeline Wizard Creator Jesse Garcia

Jesse Garcia
Pipeline Wizard shows you where you and where you want to be.

A new breed of business accountability software is taking the real estate industry by storm!

Called Pipeline Wizard, Inc. and conceived by entrepreneur and highly-reputable industry leader Jesse Garcia, the accountability software helps agents manage their lead generation activities, transactions in contract and keep track of commissions, taxes and other fees so they can meet their income and production goals. As a result of using the software, real estate professionals are experiencing phenomenal results!

Garcia started developing Pipeline Wizard six years ago. It started as a simple spreadsheet that would help Garcia, who has been a team leader at Keller Williams Realty franchise since 2011, identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses in his business. He was onto something…

“As my business grew, the spreadsheet grew,” said Garcia, whose Pipeline Wizard, Inc is fast on its way to becoming a billion-dollar company. “When I showed my system to other real estate professionals they asked if they could use it. My vision was to build a productivity software that was not only practical, but also competitive and fun. By surrounding myself with the right people, this vision is becoming reality and real estate professionals are experiencing phenomenal results.”

Use the tools top producers who want to see where they are and where they want to be use! Get more out of life and stay ahead doing it! Pipeline Wizard: Success is no longer a secret!

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